Trickflow Heads On 331 Stroker

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  1. Has anyone run TFS 170 TW heads on a 331? Thinking about stroking the 5.0l in my 94 cobra. currently I am using the 170 TW heads on the engine, but not sure they will flow enough to make 400-450 hp at the crank if I punch it out to 331. Also, will the cobra intake be able to feed enough air for the 331 to make that kind of power? Car is to be primarily driven on the street. Thinking about n-71 cam from anderson ford motorsports or possibly a comp or TFS cam. Just trying to keep the cost down. any info or opinions will be helpful.
  2. 450hp will be very ambitous with that combo depending on compression and rpm. Most Ive been able to get out out a 10.7:1 331 with a untouched Cobra intake and a AFR185 was 383RWHP @ 5800 (about 450FWHP) 89stang1

    Those heads sell very well so Id entertain that idea or Id port the heads go larger on the intake or have that intake extrude honed if you want to keep it for the looks and a custom can meet your goal. The TQ curve was great with the small Cobra intake however

    If I can help let me know,

  3. That's what I figured. I do have an Edelbrock performer 5.0 intake sitting around. It may be a better choice over the stock cobra. Keeping the looks of the cobra engine was an idea, but not a must. I was looking at 351w as a possibility as well, but I have three 302 engines laying around. Just as well use one. As far as compression ratio, I want to run pump gas in it so keeping it below 11.5:1 is a must.
  4. You are going to have a rough time making that kind of power unless you throw some compression to it and some camshaft. You could get close with the 170cc head using the stage III cam and about 11.0:1.
  5. yes, the 331 stroke kit I'm looking at is from probe industries with dome pistons with valve reliefs for TW head. claim 11.3:1 compression with 64cc combustion chamber. I know the 170cc heads I have are 61cc so might be a bit too much pump gas. Contacted TEA and is little over $1k to have ported to 185 or 205cc. That would rock. Their flow charts show the 185cc getting over 300cfm at .600 of lift. Exhaust is increase a bunch too. best flowing 185cc heads I've seen so far... bit expensive though, but beats out buying new heads all together. so many choices... my cobra has the cobra r hood on it, so 351w may be a little easier to achieve the goals I have set, plus might give me a little more low end torque which is a plus for the street. Anyone have combo ideas for both the 3o2 and 351 blocks to get between 400 and 500 hp at the crank?
  6. I had a 92 coupe w a 331... It was a wicked ride...Short block built by Keith Craft. TFTW heads, TF Stage 2 cam, TF Street heat intake, standard roller rockers, 70mm TB, 30lb injectors, upgraded fuel rails and pressure regulator, cold air intake, shorty headers w/ head wrapped tubes, under driven pullies w/ a/c delete PS delete shortbelt for race day..(this was sweet free horsepower just w a short belt easily changed at the track)... My dyno sheet was 386 hp w 376 ft lbs @ rear tires...
  7. one more thing..use the Probe pistons designed for the TFTW heads...better quench ans compression on pump gas w timing riased, stilll no spark knocking w 93 octane