trickflow kit or engine swapout??

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  1. I am looking at modifying my engine power in my 1993 mustang gt. I was looking at getting the trickflow top end kit with the street burner intake. After I add everything up, trickflow kit, oil pan, water pump etc. it seems like for not to much more money i could get a crate drop in motor with the same horsepower? I have a friend who is a mechanic and does all my work to the car and he is the one that pointed out that his labor would be the same to do an engine swapout or a rebuild for me. What is everyones opinion? Also what engine and from where would you suggest I get it from. I am not looking for anything to crazy, just a fun weekend driver with an ocassional track run. Thinking maybe 400 hp? with the option to add a supercharger in the future. Any advice or opinions would be helpful.

    Thank you
  2. cheapest crate moter i've seen is about 3850$ for the FRPP 340hp 306 but that doesnt include induction system. To get 400hp N/A you will need to build/buy a new moter. That comes with a BOSS block which is stronger than the factory block but the internals wont take alot of supercharging. Look into DSS racing/CHP/ or especially RNH racing...(Ricks GT) who is a stangnet sponser contact him. He can point you in the right direction.
  3. Trickflows top end kit is a very nice kit I don't really like there cams but a nice kit over all I would also think about doing the work your self its not that hard and feel real good when you tell people I.built it did it all my self my car started as a 1500$ basket case totally apart with two pickups full of part