Expired Trickflow Street Burner And Other Performance Parts

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by 11B_stang94, Nov 23, 2013.

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  1. I am going to a carb setup so I am selling:

    Trickflow street burner upper and lower w/ elbow and throttle body(free bbk pipe with nitrous hole) all new gaskets on it alos.....350$ plus shipping

    30lb fuel injectors with matching pro-m MAF.....140$ free shipping

    bbk powerplus regulator for 94-95...make offer

    for quicker response text or call 912-318-2581
    82108_600.jpg 1148792_10152141882017519_706046266_n.jpg 1452421_10152421300552519_1234736960_n.jpg 1460095_10152421300682519_1068725225_n.jpg

    zex tps sensor...50$ free shipping

    taking request for wiring and stuff before I just rip it out of the car.

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  2. How much nitrous you ran through that intake?
  3. NONE. only hooked up my nitrous kit but its my daily so never sprayed it. im gonna clean it up before I ship it. I just took it off car last night.
  4. Thanks.
  5. are you interested?????
  6. ill also trade for a edelbrock vic jr with a 650 or 750 carb
  7. Sort of.. still debating it. I just sold the eddy air gap I had. I do have a 750 DP that's brand spanking new. although that's going to be to much carb. I have a Weiand 174 :shrug:
  8. what are you asking for the carb?
  9. $400
  10. oh ok and174 is the supercharger intake right? I wouldn't need that. I just ordered a bigger carb. so need to sell the intake lol.
  11. Yea, its got the blower attached still... :cool:
  12. I like my go go juice too much lol. if I go boosted ill do a turbo. if your in atl ill meet you halfway instead of shipping it ill be cheaper. im only 4 hours or less from ATL
  13. I hear you, I'm going turbo on the next build. Depends which direction you are from Atlanta?
  14. I live 45 mins south of savannah. I made the drive there and back in 6.5 hours driving like a bat outa hell
  15. Holy crap lol that's a ton of driving haha.
  16. got a good deal on a set of tired I couldn't pass up at the time. whats zip code are you? mine is 31316
  17. 30269
  18. According to Bing maps we're about 4 hrs apart.
  19. that's not too bad, check your pm's
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  20. update: MAF,Injectors,rails, and regulator are sold, intake is pending sale
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