Tried out the Zex part 2 - it's friggin' working!

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by Jimp, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. Apparently it wasn't programmed right. I redid the program and it's on now! There is no question about it, feels like a second engine kicking in.
  2. told ya man ;) sweet deal
  3. You gotta hear this thing when the NOS kicks in, holy crap!
  4. would you like to borrow my DV camera? lol wait maybe not, cuz then id just go buy ZEX and thats bad.
  5. Hey jimp, how much was it to fill your bottle?
  6. $35. They charge 3.50/lb. That's not including the gas to get to the next town that sells the NOS. :bang:
  7. sweet deal, i thought it would be way more than that....... i need help, im fighting buying it right now... but i cant, no tlok, what is it like without a tlok jimp? does it spin loose like crazy or what?

    <----500th post yay!
  8. Nice Job Jimp!!

    So what does it pull like? Describe a car you have driven, which can somehow properly illustrate what your feeling right now! Also, is the drivers seat wet or dry? If you say dry, I say put the 100shot jets in.. If you say wet, I say yank the seat and get Recaro's, cause you S%@! all over the place! LOL!! :nice:

    Talk to me Bubba, whats up? :D
  9. I haven't hit it from a standing start yet. I imagine I will pretty much boil the tire. I say get it. You can't beat the performance for the money. It seems to be a very safe system. Just follow the instructions carefully. I'll be getting new spark plugs soon! :spot:

    MSP, It literally makes the engine scream. The rpms wind up so fast it's rediculous. There's no question in my mind that it's now faster than my old 5.0. I may hit the 125 shot at the track on Sat. :banana:
  10. man u will probably be the first of us in the 13s.... im soooo jealous. ok ok, ill think bout it for a week, then ill decide. dont pressure me guys im a bigtime impulse buyer lol

  11. Nice!! Ok this was my thinking.. I was going to get the rearend this week, and get it installed, then get the nitrous kit... But what do you think? Should I get the kit first?

    Also, I can just use the stock tune.. I dont have the SCT-2, and am not making it a priority over the rear-end or the ZEX.. So will it work with the stock setup?
  12. kit first!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I say NOS first, it's great fun.
  14. You can use the stock tune with a 75shot i believe doug at bamachips said, anything over that, you are pushing it (he said flat out dont do it, u will run too lean and melt a piston)

  15. To me they are both important upgrades.. The rear-end because it will definatley make the car feel truley 5.0ish with dead-stop launch abilities.. But I have never seen Jimp use a term like "Holy Crap" before... LOL!! Jimp is more reserved than to use those terms, so it must feel spectacular.. :D
  16. How much was bottle fill? PM if needed..
  17. he said $35 i think
  18. Well with the SCT-2 you can retard the timing. The instructions tell you what timing to use for every level of NOS. For 125 it's -4 degrees. The way the system works, you can never run too lean. At least that's what the manual says.
  19. Dear lord, i have to stop coming to this forum... i'm gonna end up spending money that i don't have! BUT!!!! you guys rock.. glad to see you pushing it for all its worth!

    Long live the V6!

    I gotta say though, i'm thinking by this time next year when gas is $4-$5 a gallon, the V6 will BE THE ONLY choice for daily drivers on a budget. I want my stang, and i want now, but who can afford $50-$60 a tank of gas? Jeez.. don't know about you guys, but i'm driving mine everyday back and forth to work. :)

    /runs to the corner and continues mantra.. don't spend money, wife will kill.. don't spend money.. wife will kill... don't spend money.. wife will...
  20. Thanks Fazm83.. Must have missed it.

    Becarefull out there Jimp! I am going to get both, then get dyno'd... Talk soon! :nice: