Tried out the Zex part 2 - it's friggin' working!

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by Jimp, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. nitrous will help make up for my 2.5 60 ft times at the track lol. people will be like, how are you running 14.4 with that 60 ft time? "its all in the tune" hahaha.

  2. I hate the launches with the stock rear-end.. The one wheel situation is way to far outta hand.. Probably the only thing I think Ford screwed up on with the 05 V6 new generation stangs.. They should have just given us atleast the Trac-Lok 7.5... Its still not the 8.8, so GT guys could still make the claim its better.. But the trac-lok 7.5 should have been stock.. I hate it Fazm83! I hate our sorry rear-ends! LOL!!
  3. it wouldnt be too bad if i were on a track that wasn't super slick. Its setup for 4 second dragsters, not 15 second 1 legged cars with 215 street tires lol.
  4. Yeah... I agree... should have come stock with some kind of LSD... They actually had it in the specs that they were... but it was a typo... LOL!
  5. I am waiting on the Ford Recall letter which states to bring the car to any dealer, and they will install the 7.5 Trac Lok.. They screwed it up at the factory... Have any of you heard of this? Might take mine in next week..

    :D :D :D LOL!!! I wish.........
  6. lmao!
  7. Dammit, I really need to stop reading this forum. I'm supposed to be saving for school, not a T-LOK and NOS. :bang: :D