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  1. :nonono:
    Joe Mahan Ford(the ford dealer in my town) just got their MACH 1 out on the lot yesterday. I went first thing this morning to check it out. Very nice first impression. Of course they want to trade with me. I ask Mark to find out if I could use the X-plan on it and what the Finanancing would be. While doing that I countinued checking out the car in detail. Thats were it got sappy.
    As I examined the paint.(anal about paint because of new paint job on my car) It has chips on the paint on both doors the bumper(where it meets side on the deck lid. At least 10 total. The ones on the doors are as big as my thumb and the one where the bumper meets the side fender is 2 or 3 inches long. little chips on the Passenger side scoop and I don't remember all I may go take some pics later or tommorow after they are closed. I was stunned.
    When the salesman came back he told me I could use the xplan and thats it. I told him that he would have to do a little bit better than that. And explained why(paint). He said he didn't know about it and I showed him. He said it must have happened during transport. I told him that I didn't care if it happened during transport or if it came from the factory like that(which I doubt. If it did Ford needs to address some quality control issues) I wasn't going to pay full price for a Mach 1 with F***** up paint. They guy was nice though and complimented my car and all. Talked straight but didn't want to talk much about that paint. I think who ever deluxed the car there at the dealer did it.
    I left with the guys card. I decided to go back and show my freind. Another salesman comes up. (real arogant) acts like the paint is no big deal. I notice there is tire wet all over the fender and all the wat slung onto the door paint and Mach one Sticker. He said they had never had a problem with that peeling paint or stickers. It only says on the bottle not to let dry on painted surfaces. The undercarrage is dirty like someone took it on a gravel road. This guy said "we'll trade with you" and I replied " I'm sure you will". He says no I'm serious. I am laughing by this time. So once again I say "Yes sir, I am more than positive that you would like to make some money off of me tommorow if not today." He grinned back. He is slowly realizing I don't have to have this MACH 1 and that I am not a complete idiot. He also compliments my car and tells me when I get serious to come and talk to them. I told him they would have to do something in one form or another about that paint. I told them to take my number and when they figure out something to call me. He said no need. He knew my name and that I lived right down the street. He said my mustang is one of the dealers favorite in town. And then preceed to tell me where I lived to vairify himself. So I can't figure out if this guys is bloing smoke up my a** or what. I couldn't really even tell that they wanted to sell the car. He also interupted me 100 times as I was trying to talk to him. The first salesman Mark never made it over to me again.
    It seemed more like this. Let us bend you over and :stick: you. We think this car should be 30grand wether it has 10-15 chips in the paint or not. Ford customer care and enthusiasm sucks. He also told me the will have there SVT line up next year, that is going to be a nightmare.
    I'll keep you posted if they call or try to work a deal up with me. I doubt it though. thats why I didn't buy either one of my first Mustang GT's from them. But thats the only Mach 1 I have seen around here. Most of them are sold correct. I'll probably just end up keeping the GT and get a Cobra Killer Kit. Pimp Daddy Ho Club, here I come. (MAYBE)
    Just thought you guys might like to know about my MAch 1 experence. I may go test drive it tommorow. The first salesman handed me the keys "like take a drive." I knew better though. I would have drove that car home and never though twice about it. (that was before I started checking out the paint) Nice car though. I love the engine with shaker. Not to much on the wheels and black wing. Of cousre the new steeda wing and Cobra bumper would go on nice. But i know some would think thats taking away from the Mach 1. I thinkits wourt it because of the motor it has. Basically a 01 Cobra motor right?
    Sorry this is so long.
  2. 03 Cobra motor but it runs consistant low 13 second quarter miles

  3. So the MACH 1 motor has forged internals? I really was not joking about the doors being chipped the size of my thumb. I went down there and checked real quick.
  4. If you are serious about getting a Mach1, why not have them order you one brand-new from the factory?
  5. It was there. I'm not that serious about it when it comes to ordering one. But if they would have treated me a little different and acting like they wanted to sell the car and not rip me a new one I would be a little more serious.
    I guess I could order one of the next models but I heard that all orders have been taken. I could have been misinformed. I think the screaming orange would be cool. I can't wait to see a pic of them. If I was ordering I think I would order a new cobra from my friendly ford/svt/saleen/roush dealer in Nashville though. (iwish they would get on with Steeda)
    they just had it and I was seriously interested untill I examined it.
  6. I don't know about anywhere else but in the Tulsa area about 8 have show up in the last few weeks when you couldn't get any SVT product before. Hold on, I think it's like 87 when you couldn't get one becasue of the motor and then the flood gates opened. This is a bad ecomony so you maybe in good shape. I just brought my 02 GT in june of last year and wasn't even looking for a car and when I drove it I was sold....this is the best looking mustang since the 60's IMO. They aren't coming much off sticker here I got $500 under but have read in some parts of the country they are getting them for mid 28's.

    A few reason I went ahead and brought an 03 instead of an 04 like I planned.

    1. Interest rates......economy could get better.
    2. Talk of a sticker price increase and as they go down in stock the dealers will start to ask over sticker.
    3. Sleeper engine rated 305hp 320 tq....most have be getting at least low 270's RWHP and some in the low 280's.
    4. Cast Iron block next year claim a 4 lb difference in weight (Right) go pick up a cast iron skillet and an Aluminum one. They are going to have to put it on a diet or that's just a lie like the engine stats that will be 310 @335tq next year still not where they are now. This maybe the best year power to weight ratio we'll see.
    5. Insurance rates are under $100 of the GT, something that ususally changes over time.

    I got a Azure Blue and it's :nice: I also thought I'd like an orange.

    Make sure you get the IUP option...all the billet stuff and adjustable head rest well worth the extra $275.
  7. Sounds like you have an excellent car. Post some pics in Talk sometime. I like that blue also. It reminds me of the old time Mach1's.

  8. no it's not. it has 5.4L cams, different heads, and only the crank is forged. 03 Mach 1 has an aluminum block, the 03 Cobra is iron.

    just the crank, the rods and pistons are just like the GT's.

  9. Arent they all already spoken for?
  10. I was at the local Ford "Sam Can't" dealer here in Fort Myers, several months ago. I was shopping for a car for my wife and a Mach 1 pulled up to the show room with a salesman inside. Naturally I stopped to look at it and I asked the sales jerk if I could have a look at the motor. His response was to have the guy working with my wife to show it to me. By the time I got his attention, someone had taken it for a test drive. Great sales tactic. :shrug: what is so annoying is that whether it is a Cobra or orther SVT vehicle, they add 3,500 bucks to the sticker and call it "market conditions". And what gets me is there are enuff idiots out there that pay it!
  11. When I bought my GT brand new back in March of last year there were chips in the paint all over. I noticed them about a week after I got the car. I went back to the dealer talked to my salesmen and he told me to drop it off the next morning to be repainted. I did and that evening I got her back and her paint was perfect. All free of charge. They called the chips "rail dust" aperently pretty common. That was the LAST good experiance I ever had with a dealer.

  12. If you are going to drop 28k, or whatever a new mach-1 costs, might as well find a slightly used 03 cobra for like 31k or so?
  13. There is at least 10 Mach-1s sitting at our local ford dealer
  14. Ordering a Mach 1 from Ford is an absolute nightmare. If you comb through the posts on the Mach 1 Registry web site, you will see that some guys are only getting their cars now (1 year later). A lot of guys searched around and found some on lots at a better price than the ordered price. Go to the registry and look for some that are for sale. Some people are actually selling them already because they feel that the payments were too high for what they got. The web site also has a list of dealers with stock.

    I would never try to order a special vehicle from Ford again. These guys know NOTHING about working with consumers. They are arrogant @#$%#%^& that could care less about keeping you informed or earning your business. They figure that the car will sell itself, so why bother giving you the time of day. They also do not give a crap about the time of ordering. Some people ordered and got their car in 4 weeks. Others probably still don't have theirs and they were some of the first people to order last year. Ford sucks when it comes to ordering cars. Ford also changes specs on the cars AFTER most of the orders are in so they can skim the cream off of the top.

    If you want a Mach 1, buy a GT, a Mach 1 engine, and a shaker kit. You can sell the GT engine and be WAAAAAY ahead of the game. The Mach 1 guys will phiiss and moan, but hey,.... in the end ithe Mach 1 is just a slightly faster GT and you will have money to spend to make it look even better. I personally never look at my VIN, don't know what the number is and don't care. But if you really want your VIN to have a letter "R" stamped in it, then go pay the premium (or punchout an "R" with an office labeler). And for the Mach 1 guys, I already know about the brakes, springs, wheels, and hard to read dash. If you look how cheap those are to purchase now, they aren't real significant. Especially since a lot of guys have already upgraded them. My stock grey bullet wheels are more valuable than a Mach 1 wheel and they are ugly as well.

    Personally, if you get the GT, I would skip the Mach 1 engine and go right to the blower and toast all of the Mach 1s out there with a 2V. Cobrakiller loves it. That irritates the crap out of Mach 1 people, but heck, they knew what they were buying and they felt it was worth it for them. It isn't our fault that we got a better car for less money. Just plain economics at play here. If you REALLY want the look of the Mach 1, then hang some shaker parts on the GT, get a can of black paint and within minutes (as opposed to months from Ford) you will look just like a Mach 1. The Mach 1 guys will call yours a Moc 1, but 99.999999% of the people you go by will look at it and think otherwise. BTW, a lot of the Mach 1 guys have already modded their cars to the point that the "improvements" proved worthless because the after market parts are still so much better. They are now following the GT lead.

    Just 1 person's opinion here. I am sure the Mach 1 people will chime in to try to protect their investments and their dignity. I agree that in 30 years, I am sure the Mach 1 (if left stock) will be worth more than a modded GT. I don't plan on keeping a car for 30 years. In 30 years, I want something newer. In 30 years I will probably be top soil.

    The only thing the Mach 1 had going for it was it being somewhat "unique". (not really in features, just its limited availability) Ford blew that away by going with a 2004 model now. So much for a limited edition. In the end is is all about the dollar, not us. I guess limited means that they will only build as many Mach 1s until they reach a "limit" to where people stop buying them. (or they reach their limit waiting for them)

    If Ford were to reduce their asking price,I am sure the Mach 1 would be worth it. But the numbers do not add up. Especially with the GT incentives out there now. I have a feeling there will be a lot less Mach 1s sold in 2004 than were sold in 2003. Especially if Cobrakiller and KB gain more ground with the blower kits on the 2Vs.
  15. Don't rush to buy the Mach 1 yet, especially with paint defects. The last thing you want to do is buy a new car that's been repainted by the dealer - been through that nightmare and walked away from the deal.

    Same high pricing bs happened where I was in 2001 with the Bullitt because of "limited production". Late in the year Ford gave the same incentives as the regular GT (did not publicize though) and some dealers with stock were only asking the dealer invoice price. Problem was by then I didn't give a sXXX and bought a GT.

    All in all though I believe the Mach 1 is the best Mustang (for the money) that Ford has produced since the original died in 1973.

  16. Real quick, I could have just read it wrong but:

    Do you have 2 stang's? Cause you said you had bought your 02 GT in june and then below it says an 03...or did you trade or what? :shrug: :nice:
  17. Wow...
  18. If you're not happy with the way the paint is, don't purchase it. I wouldn't buy a new car that has similar paint flaws.
    It's as simple as that. It could have occurred during transport, who knows for sure. Bottom line is just stay away from the vehicle if it is not up to your expectations.

    Just my .02

    A larger city/dealer in your area might have another Mach I on the lot or you could wait until this dealer receives another Mach 1 since they are willing to accept X-plan...
  19. Does being a Ford stockholder get you any kind of buying plan? The stocks around 8$.
  20. can someone remind me what the X-plan is? Can I get it?
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