Tried to buy MACH 1 READ LONG Though

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  1. There are plenty Mach 1s out there. Go to the Ford website and you'll be able to find them. I wouldn't buy the one with the chipped paint nor would I buy from that dealership. If they want to sell a car they can do a dealer exchange to get the car you want. If they gave the impression that they cared more about selling the flawed car on the lot instead of what you really want I would go elsewhere to get one. Then bring it back and show it to the sales manager. They hate that (I know from experience).

    Sounds like you have a beautiful car so don't make a mistake you'll regret for years to come.
  2. Yes I have 2 cars now, they wanted to only give me 16k for my GT. So I have a daily driver now along with my weekend unit......And buy the way the guys right you could buy an engine for 4k or so and the CDC scoop for $800, but you won't get the interior with great seats and all the suspension work. For a car that is going to have only 12k units in the US and 1k elsewhere a under 4k markup on the stock GT is a real bargin IMO. This car has been totally reworked and I can live with the 3.55 gears.......This will be a hot collectors car in the future IMO.
  3. The xplan is a program Ford offers its supliers employee's. I work for a plant that suppies almost all Jaguar cam covers. And will soon be making them for Aston-Martain.
    I have heard of people getting better deals though. The only reason I was thinking about it was because they have one of the 10 Mach 1's left. However when I told my wife about this she threatened will Divorce. So I am fixing to go get her car and trade it for a SVT Focus, so much for the Mach 1. Thats okay though because when I pay my GT off I am getting a Cobra. No doubt about it. I will still keep the GT though. I love my car. And that settles it after shocks struts and headers, Cobra Killer kit.
    Thanks for all the replies. Why does Ford Customer relations suck so bad.
  4. The dealership by my girls parents house has 18 '03 Cobras in stock and 9 Mach 1's. It was like an orgy when I walked into the closed garage in back. :drool: I was somewhat serious about getting a new Cobra but the terrible trade in price they offered me and the fact that were staying at MSRP no matter what made me walk away. I want to go back with a camera, but if I do I have to bring my checkbook. :shrug: But around here all the limited edition cars are common as hell on dealer lots. The dealership I bought my car at had almost a dozen Lightnings.

  5. Yep, it is like that here in the Bay Area, too. I was just at Sunnyvale Ford today and they had about 5 Cobras, even-more-than-that Mach 1's, and 1 Saleen S281 out front (the Saleen was missing one of its wing side burns :( ). That's just what I saw in the front -- God knows what they have out back! They have a 10th anniv Silver Cobra they kept trying to get me into ... my hands are still shaking ...
  6. About 4 months ago a 19 year old son of a nurse that my wife works with bought a 03 Mach1 in blue. He had it for a month and someone rear-ended him without insurance. He's works in a restaraunt (sp?) and doesn't make a lot, so either he's saving up for the deductible or something becuause I see it weekly and the driver's side rear is still smashed up.

    :notnice: :notnice: :notnice:

    If you get it, good luck...

  7. :D Hey guys I ended up trading off my wife's car today for a 03 SVT Focus CD Silver. Man this car is cool and it almost matches my satin silver 02 GT. I have got to get a Cobra. Be a while though. How about 5 years. Maybe they will still be making mustangs then. I will post pics as soon as we get them. The dealer ended up screwing up. This was there first SVT they have sold. They let me use X-plan and gave me 3200 cash back rebate and got a interest rate of 4.9/60 months. 500 down.

    This car is nice. Go SVT. I caught a 2cd twice not even trying. This car is going to be fun. :cool:
  8. Congrats on the car. Dealers can give X plan on SVT vehicles if they so choose. Most won't, but in your case, they did, and it sounds like you got a good deal.

    Enjoy the new purchase, and let your wife drive it once in awhile. :D
  9. I ordered My 03 GT last year. They said 4 to 6 weeks and it was 10. But I got exactly the car I wanted so it was worth the wait. It costs no more to order the car. Check out They gave me the best price, the I got the dealer to match it. These guys are having a hard time selling cars - I get bombarded by two or three salesmen when I go in for an oil change. Don't let someone who is arrogant make a comission from you. BTW, no one wanted to order the car for me. Even the lady who took my order tried to steer me towards one on the lot while we were filling out the paperwork. I guess they don't get paid until it arrives.
  10. i live in socal .......local sports page there is an ad for local ford dealer........2003 mach 1 $23975 3 to chose....
  11. Go over to and do some research before buying a Mach. The engine isn't the same as an '03 Cobra. There are some real differences with the Mach as compared to previous 4.6 DOHC engines.

    I am not saying anything bad either. I love the Mach and would consider buying one. Just do some research on it before buying one, especially if you plan on putting on a power adder.
  12. I have a Mach 1 and love it.

    I paid 22,200 plus ttl. The deals are out there, just find a dealer looking to sell.

    As far as GT or Mach............I love my Mach. I had a 97 Cobra before this car and the DOHC motor is awesome.

    Stock i ran a 13.47 @ 104.5. Since then I added DRs, off road h pipe and chip and run high 12s. This car is awesome and I really like it.

    If I wanted a blower I would have bought a Cobra, which I sometimes wish I had.

    It all comes down to buying what you can afford. I could have stretched it a little farther and got a Cobra, but I was happy to get a Mach and save 120 a month.

    Good luck with the Focus, I have heard a lot of good things about them.
  13. Sorry i am a SVT sales rep...The MAch one is a 01 Cobra motor that is why three is 305hp not 320-320hp... The reason they did not want to sell you the MACH 1 is because they are REALLY REALLY rare to find.. There also was a 2500 rebate on them last a mach that stickers for 28 you could poss. get it for 24 with x-plan - rebates... My cobra was 36000 i ended up with getiing it close to 29k as a FORD employie my .02 do not waste you money on the MACH 1 it is all top end anyway spen 100 more a month and get a COBRA...
  14. last time i drove by Mossy Ford down here they had a bunch of mach1's just sitting on the lot, but no cobra's. they had also just gotten 3 S281's in. if they had a cobra....i might have been really tempted to trade the GT in :(

  15. R u serious?...........look into this a little deeper and get back to us.
  16. This is a very old thread. The post was July 03 and I can tell you back then there was NO deals if you got 500 dollars off MSRP you did great. Six weeks latter when they weren't moving any car they started putting some of these prices out. You should be able to get an 04 for about 25k now. :shrug:

  17. punctuation is your friend. use it.
  18. It depends where you are. I remember when this thread came out, and at the time our local dealer had three Mach1s all for sale at $22800. Some areas seem to have too many and the prices get slashed. :shrug:
  19. there are a bunch here and they arent selling. If I had had a bit more cash I could have gotten a new leftover 2003 for 23k.
  20. I brought mine July 11th and would have flown anywhere to get one for that. There was no end of the year specials and/or rebates. They wouldn't even give you the X plan yet. The cheapest I saw were a few people that worked for Ford could get deals but that's it. Believe me I just didn't go to the dealership to buy one :shrug:
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