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  1. Tried two dealers to see if I could order a 2015 Anniversary Edition Mustang. First dealer said no and if they did manage to get one the GM would be taking it home before it hit the lot. Second dealer said they would order to their specifications not mine then auction to the highest bidder. They did offer to put me on the bidder list.

    So I guess I will keep my 2012 California Special convertible for a while longer :)
  2. @FordCustSrvc

    Maybe these folks can lend a hand. They generally check in on weekdays.
  3. Since they are only making 1,964 50th Anniversary Editions, I would imagine the dealer mark-ups will be dramatic, and serious collectors will grab them up before us regular people have a crack at them. which sucks. As far as specs,I got the impression that the 50th Anniv cars are pretty much all the same, with the only real choice being color. Which is limited to Wimbledon or Kona Blue.
  4. you do know those are fully optioned GT's and will likely sticker for upwards of $50k
  5. Understand about limited numbers but it is a bummer that you cannot order one your spec and pay the price. Yes they are fully optioned but that is the way I go anyway just would have liked a shot at one without an auction :)
  6. Well unless your Jay Leno, I guess that's not gonna happen. But in couple of months you shouldn't have any problem ordering a regular production 2015 optioned the way you want it. Though you might want to wait on that too since there will probably be huge dealer mark ups on those for a while as well. That's what happened when the 05's first came out.
  7. True then if I wait a little longer maybe the direct injection will arrive :)
  8. Stick to your guns man! Don't let these guys tell you that it can't be done! Try your ass off and see what comes out of it. Maybe nothing but here's the thing....

    Stranger chit has happened... To members of this very forum. o_O

    Even the nay sayers are nodding their heads as they read this and recall the stories.
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  9. Hi CaptPJB,

    I recommend you speak to other dealers in your area. I’m more than happy to get this documented for you as well. Please PM me with your full name, address, and best daytime number.

    Thank you for the mention, Noobz347!

  10. The only specification choices there are is color (blue or white )and transmission (auto or manual trans) yes there sure is a lack of info at the local dealer level

  11. Can you shed some light on how best to obtain one of these things and also provide colors and options? :)

    Maybe even locate one? :scratch:
  12. The order guides and price lists are not out yet, Noobz347. The ways to get one is the same as with the previous Boss 302s … Finding a dealer with allocation for one and have some mula in the bank. There will only be 2 colors available for the 50Year Limited Edition, which are Wimbledon White and Kona Blue. You can see more details in this article.


  13. Nice... Thanks Deysha
  14. You're very welcome! :)

  15. For the life of me cannot figure out the PM system on this site wanted to PM Deysha
  16. Hey CaptPJB,

    Click on my handle (FordCustSrvc) and then click on start conversation. This should start a private conversation with me.

  17. Fwiw, I signed an agreement for the first allocated 2015 at my local dealer. I was very clear to have it written on the commitment that the vehicle will be purchased at msrp. I know there are some shister dealers out there but there are some good ones too! Good luck!
  18. Well it looks like the General Manager at Auto-nation Katy will not get it either as they are auctioning it as well as the other Houston dealer I contacted .............thanks for the link Svt pilot they are welcome to it at that price range :)