Progress Thread Trim Blackout

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  1. Looks great so far!
    I've owned my vert since '88 and I also owned and restored an '87 vert. Sold that one and miss it.
    I know all about these moldings. Been there do that! LOL
    If I can answer a question ask it.

    I've been using SEM Trim Black for Years in my shop. Great product, and is a perfect match to the OEM trim finish on these verts. However it is Acrylic Lacquer and being shot from an aerosol it is somewhat thin and takes multiple coats to achieve a nice finish. "That's normal"
    I recommend buying a can of SEM#42003 High Build black primer. It will help alot! Works great under the Trim Black. It builds a nice foundation for the top coats by filling lite imperfections, scratches and pores. Slick it up with some 400 grit, put a tack rag on it and top coat it.

    Good luck!
  2. I painted one of the door moldings the other night. Came out okay, but it just looked way too splotchy. lightly sanded with 1200 to scuff it up and smooth it out, and hit it with a couple coats. Still looked spotty, so hit it with more. Still looked like crap. So 8 or so coats later, still didn't look good. Im just gonna save my cash and replace them.
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