Trip to midwest and to the south.

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  1. Amanda and I are planning a trip to kansas the 1st week in august and will be heading back to Georgia to yell at cro and say hi to 140. Right now the plan is to leave here August 2 or 3 and catch something happening in KS on the 7th. We both have 2 weeks off and plan to use as much of it as possible. So if there is anybody in between Va and Ks, Ks and Ga, or Ga and Va let us know. I will be driving this by myself so I'll need to make a few stops.

    I just hope the little coupe is up to the task.
  2. oh yeah. I plan to run 10psi for the trip and unhook the octane switch from premium can I run regular or does it haev to be midgrade?
  3. The car will tell you (ping ping).

    I am leaving for Boston the morning of August 13, so keep me posted on your schedule.
  4. no problem I have to work on the 13th. Are you flying? Thats a friday the 13th hope you're not too supersticious.
  5. Damn...I hope I have something running by that point...

    If I were you I'd see about visiting Randy on your way here...he's right of highway 63 (?) in indiana...
  6. I know Bhuff was planning on having the meet in lawrence on the 7th, is that what you're talking about?
  7. yep flying, not superstitious.
  8. Maybe I should try to get there as early as possible. :p

    Yeah that would be awesome....I want to see the RX7.

    Yeah is there going to be a prize for the farthest drive?:D
    Its not some stuck-up, have to be from KS thing is? :rolleyes:

  9. Well..... It is the Kansas turboford/mustang meet. There are additional fees that apply to those without Kansas residency. :rlaugh:
    I look forward to seeing you. Maybe 'spooks' dad will be there again, with his blown 4valve cobra that has a pan hard bar, side exhaust, and lots of goodies. :D
  10. So if I can find someone's floor to sleep on for a few days does that count as residency?
  11. You win the opportunity to buy all the food! Congrats!

    Just kidding, just don't make any wizard of oz jokes, because we've heard them all. :p
  12. That's along yell. I don't live in Georgia. I am a Texan that lives in Oxford, MS for now. Come August 1st I'll be in Birmingham, AL for 3 years. So it's possible that I could drive over to 140's but with moving and all and taking 140's time, I don't know.
  13. :shrug: oxford, MS? I thought thats where all texans live?
  14. Well you know I am 12 hours along the path from you so if you need to crash your more than welcome guys.
  15. yeah I was getting to that and hoping that would be the case. Thanks alot.
  16. LOL Man if any of ou guys pass through my area and need a place to crash just drop me a line, I am on here daily it seems. I think UPS pays me to post on this site now.
  17. HEY DAN P. You sent me a message a while back and said you live in NC let me know what you're up to the week after the 7th.
  18. I am not sure what I will be up to. But we have a extra room and bathroom here at my place. I live in Durham, NC. I think it would be cool if you could stop by :nice: I think you could crash here maybe. I would have to check with my parents, but let me know if I would be on your way.

  19. actually that sounds great. Just tell them we are very respectful and quiet. I'm sorry if you feel guilty for lying. :p We would probably be coming through your way on the 11 or 12 of august (last leg of the trip)
  20. Well my Dad said it was okay, so if you can get me more info on when you will be here I can get you info on how to get to my house. I might try to make it up to K.S. for the meet. So just send me a PM or something some time.