Trip to midwest and to the south.

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  1. great definately sounds good
  2. When will you be bassing through Ky?
  3. probably 9-10
  4. cool you still have my number?
  5. lol its actually sitting right here. Thats odd I lose everybody else's
  6. LOL well I work both nights but Jess and the kids will be there. are you bringing 64 through ky?
  7. DONT race a newer Camero in Ky or a Newer Impalla, they are unmarked PoPo....KSP
  8. lol

    "'well sir, I did it because I thought I could out run you" "I guess not" :nonono:
  9. Will you be passing through Illinois?

  10. yeah I plan on taking interstate 64 from VA and it goes through pretty big part illinois. Where are you? That would be a good resting point
  11. i live in Greenville, SC... right off I-85 you will probably be passing right through this part on the way back to VA... BTW i moved here from Warrenton, VA..
  12. sounds great

    man I go pretty close to warrenton every week to the track. Did you ever go to sumerduck dragway?
  13. nope.... My wife's uncle is the Postmaster at that Post Office though... so in know where you are talkin about...
  14. I am Actually in carbondale illinois, is roughly 45 min south of 64. (its on Il st. highway 51) I would be a little out of the way i am afriad. However do you plan on making any stops in st louis? I might be able to make a trip to st louis if i can get the day off work

  15. The vast chain of Stangnet Hotels, (Don't Expect RoomService)
  16. Uh lets not forget my BIRTHDAY AUGUST 8TH is during the week when are there. :shrug: thats when i turn 18 :D
  17. 45 minutes out of the way:shrug: maybe you didn't realize I'm driving to the midwest to a "cookout".:rlaugh: the more I thought about it I doubt there's too many places out of the way. :nice: If it would be ok we would still love to stop. I'd like to see the MG
    EDIT: How far off of 57 are you?
  18. Well, Actually the MG isnt here. I am still living at my college house (even though i graduated) and i dont even have a garage here. My Mg and the place i call home is actually in Springfield il which is a long ways from 57. Only thing here is me, My slower than dirt mustang, and my college stuff. However if you have a map handy, look at southern illinois and look for a town called Marion. 57 runs right through it. Now look straight west of there and you will see carbondale. marion is about 25-30 mins from carbondale. I go there frequently to sam's club. Arent you coming though on 64 though? 64 --> carbondale is a a tad longer, roughly 45-60 mins.

  19. a MAP??!!! I've been turning a globe trying to figure out where I'm going...I think I've found a shorter route to the indies.:D

    yeah thats what I was looking at it I still don't think its too far out of the way.
  20. i can't wait to get out of va :rolleyes: