Trip to midwest and to the south.

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  1. Ok I had another thought to add to the trip...I figure this would also be a good time to extend my junkyard tour. Anybody that has posted here already let me now about the junk yards in your area. I've got a huge list maybe I can pick up some stuff on the trip.
  2. I have found a new JunkYard that I remember how to get to but no clue on the name of it.
  3. oh my gosh...more like me everyday
  4. I have to do something with my time. Maybe this weekend I will drive over there and check it out. What is your parts list? send it here or e-mail me.
  5. 351,

    Let me know if you are coming south. Love to have you down, but in this strange rare instance I'm pretty much unavailable from the 12th through the 17th due to the Boston trip.
  6. Yeah what he said. I'll be moving in a new apt. on the 13th. I can be in Georgia before then otherwise the Devil can't go down to Georgia.
  7. well cro it looks like i will meet you in person :nice:
  8. it's really an amazing incredible ...well I don't have words. :rlaugh:
  9. So are you guys going to stop off in my area on the way for a rest?
  10. hey when were you guys heading this way? im not sure if ill be here of not

  11. So what's the scoop here? You still gonna make the trip? If so, what's the schedule/plan?
  12. Im trying to sort that out now. I still have a bunhc to do to the car to drive it that far. I also developed a water leak that I can't seem to find. I'm loosing alot of coolant after only a few days of driving. I'm thinking we might not make it now. I'll know in a little while today.
  13. It's leaking out of the lower weep hole in the water pump...
  14. thats probly what it is

  15. where would we be without a wealth of knowledge of such that you display...a true contributing member, i applaud you.