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  1. A buddy and I were talking about 351/302 block ideas to fit into our budget. He's working on a 393 non-daily while I'm kicking around 347 stroker daily.
    So regarding the 351 block and sourcing the parts to do the actual swap until better heads can be obtained, "Will the gt40p heads fit without drilling out the head bolt holes or will they need to be drilled??" I already understand about the dizzy, lower intake being wider and possible vert mounts to help lower the actual engine because of hood clearance and the addition possible new headers, WHO knows this????
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  2. I'm too lazy to look it up but aren't 302s 3/8s compared to a 1/2 Windsor head bolt? Sounds pretty simple to me.

    Edit :7/16s, my bad
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  3. yup thnx, was at work and wasn't sure if i would be able to find it online.

    so 302 = 7/16
    and 351 = 1/2

    im gonna kick around this 351 idea, we'll see.
  4. It's no big deal to open them up really. And if you ever carry them back over to a 302 you can no problem
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  5. Silly wabbit...tricks are for kids!
    And as Tanner said you will need to drill the heads for 1/2" bolts. Vortech 302 thread coming next ;)?
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  6. You'll need a 351 lower intake for those heads on the 351 motor as they are different than the 302.
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  7. My gt40's were drilled for 1/2" from the factory, not sure about the p's though.

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  8. Been kickin' the tires on those 3 choices ....Ahhhhhhh
    302sc, 347h/c n/a, 351 swap.....lmao
    One of theses WILL happen!!!! .....damn!tt :rolleyes:
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  9. There are dozens of sources for 351 swap info around the internet, take a few minutes with Google and bask in the glory of the internets.

    Here is one.
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  10. Boom!!! ....good one thnx. wasn't sure how much browsing was going to happen at work, slow or busy so thnx for the help!!
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  14. I'd only do the 351 swap if I were punching it out to a 408 with a h/c/i. The gt40-351 setup will be underwhelming IMO. Now a 408 with proper mods can make 500+hp/tq. But the 306/347 avenue would be more economical.
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  15. Yup true, that's what I'm feeling as well, keeping it street friendly is the main goal. But I could s/c that 351 when I get better heads later :shrug:
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  17. well, a 351 will provide more power out of the box due to the extra cubes, but I agree that if you are going through the trouble of putting it in, you might as well do it right and stroke the sucker and put better heads on it.
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