Trivia Question 351/302

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  1. I don't want to be mean like that. I just hate to see people waste money. Spend the money on the top end, not the bottom. That's like when a check gets a vaginal rejuvination over a boob job.

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  2. Not wasting, just gonna' go for this deal, probably easier to find used heads later rather than trying to find a dart block set up later :confused:
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  3. That might be the ultimate irony, cheap heads on a Dart shortblock haha.

    If you're getting a deal on the Dart stuff, go for it. You can always change heads later and you'll never have to buy another shortblock in your life.
  4. Seller has responded positively and has stated "Seriously Considering this Offer" this morning :eek:
    ...crossing my fingers boys but if I gotta' make due till the upper parts are sourced then "All hail the mighty Dart 363 block with ported Gt40p heads" :doh:
  5. More I think about it my milled .30 p heads(54cc) will probably have to much compression with a 363 on pump gas, anyone think so too?
  6. well, might as well go for the only E85 Dart 363 with Gt40P heads!
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