Trouble With My Wifes 2005 Gt.

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by jonpaola, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. She loves her Stang... Only problem, ever, was at some stations you couldn't get gas to go into the tank!
    It would take fuel very slow, or not at all. That problem doesn't seem to happen any more. Now the issue is,
    Failsafe engine mode light comes almost every time she drives it! She has to stop, turnoff the car, and re-
    start it to get it to run without the failsafe mode power restriction. She DON"T like this... So the check engine light is on, I read the code, it says throttle body, throttle position sensor. The dealer, Vista ford, read it (charged me $140) and wanted to change the throttle body. ($750, and they would apply the $140 to the cost) I declined. What would you do? Clean it? Buy a new one and install it myself? Just keep driving the car. Not exactly wife friendly. Get a new car? Or maybe just hope that they can take us back to fuel that doesn't cause the problems that all this ethanol and no lead fuel is giving us with no lubrication in it.
    Nothing works well with little lubrication...
  2. Welcome aboard, glad you found us. I've moved your questions to the appropriate forum where you'll get some assistance!
  3. First thing is to pull it off and clean it. Just make sure you disconnect the battery and be gentle with the throttle blade. Clean the mass air flow sensor as well. Second, if you do need a new TPS, they're less than $100. And, if necessary, I have a throttle body. $750 is absolutely ridiculous.
  4. What TimJimmy said. BUT, if you clean the MASS air sensor, use cleaner made for that. Also most parts houses (AutoZone, Advance...) will read the codes for free. And... a throttle body motor is around $60 from a few online vendors. Throttle Position Sensor is about the same. Probably only slightly more locally.

    They are EASY to change too. Should not need the whole throttle body. But... Bring it near Nashville and TimJimmy and I will fix it for oh... say $400...LOL;).