trubo 2.3 videos

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  1. does anyone on here have a video of a turbo at a drag strip, i think it was a white car, when it takes off the whole front end jumps up.. i lost my copy of it..if not any turbo video would be swell :nice:
  2. Was it the Complication video?
  3. The 5.0 guys say that a 2.3T can not twist its frame on a launch.

  4. USE the advanced search feature and type in notched86 in the member name. One of his later posts will be the compilation. I don't want to sound crazy but I watch it at least 4-5 times a day.
  5. When I get pissed at my engine that I am buiding I watch it and I think twice about selling it all.
  6. understandable
  7. i am like matt i watch it 5-6 time it's great :D