True Dual Exhaust

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  1. I have a 2001 mustang and I'm looking to put dual exhaust on there. I was curious what the differences between true dual and cat back were? Does anyone have any suggestions what type of system to purchase (H pipe, X pipe?), also what modifications does the side exhaust add? :shrug:

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    You know, I came back to see how the forum's been. And it only takes the reading of one thread to remember why I left. It's amazing people just can't grow up.
  7. Hey Stef, it's good to see some of the ol' crew around again.

    I only occasionally get back here myself. I'm more interested in getting a boat right now, and i get sick of 1) answering questions about exhaust and CAI and 2) a$$holes like this one telling people to "get a GT"

    Check out my website link in my profile and see what i've done to Sally. I've kinda reached plateau with where i want to take her, until i get my boat and come up with enough money to supercharger her or drop in a v8 that is!

    I did put Sirius Satellite radio in a few weeks ago, along with new pedals and door lock soldiers after christmas.
  8. on a little more related note, I own a 2001 V6 and basically have the same question...better to go true dual, x-pipe, h-pipe, what? so any info on that would be greatly appreciated
  9. kit

    id recommend a kit like borls or flowmaster that way you dont have to worry about backpressure issues
  10. lol,... you guys are such a big help ... :notnice:

    2 1/4" size pipes, custom h-pipe with flowmaster (dynomax, flowtech, magnaflow) any of these mufs will sounds better than stock ...
  11. my friend had his custom made h-pipe with some average mufflers but that thing sounds nice! CAi also gave it a nicer sound.