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  1. can you set up true dual on a V6? what do you need to do that
  2. Yes it can be done. A shop will make you an H pipe or X pipe depeding on what you want and then attach 2mufflers piping and tips. Total cost would be about $350-$450. With true duals you will lose some low end torque.
  3. You can also buy a GT adapter kit from Steeda, and just cut off the y and bolt it on, along with any GT cat back exhaust kit. However, try to not get anything with bigger than 2.5" tubing or the torque loss will be even greater. I got 3" on mine somewhat by accident, mostly by carelessness, and while it sounds great, it looks a little goofy and I'm sure it hinders performance, rather than adding to it.
  4. A GT takeoff catback should run no more than $75-$100, and a muffler shop can fabricate a midpipe from behind your stock cats and install the catback for around $100. Using a stock GT takeoff is the cheapest way to go and also has the advantage of keeping your low end torque relatively intact. You would also need one right side OEM muffler hanger and two OEM tail pipe hangers to do this correctly.

    The kicker is do you or do you not also get a GT takeoff rear bumper cover? I would, but it does about double the expense if you have to paint it to match your car.
  5. True dual. The direct fit does little if anything to improve performance beacause the y pipe constriction remains.
  6. With two mufflers and twice the piping, I'd think that leaving the y-pipe in would be necessary to maintain what backpressure is left in the system; since it's not a full on headers/midpipe/catback application. I thought that was the major factor in TQ loss? If she isn't sucking anymore, I don't think she's gonna fart much more either so why even bother putting that 'true dual' on?..unless you plan on P&P and so on. My reasoning was play it safe with the y-pipe intact? :shrug:
  7. it should still sound good with the Y pipe
  8. A true dual conversion using a GT takeoff with it's 2 1/4" diameter pipes maintains some backpressure, and sounds good. A direct fit catback only gives you two mufflers and two tips so you have the illusion of duals, but that is essentially all it does. I would leave the stock exhaust on before I would spend money on a direct fit set. It's your car though, do as you see fit
  9. Do you have any idea where I could find a GT takeoff for my 98' then? Would I just have to search the junkyards around my area? And also 99+ GT takeoff H-pipes WON'T fit my car, correct?

    OR can I just use this?
    Basically the same thing or is that H-pipe better? :shrug: :shrug:
  10. Don't forget to get the turbonator that goes in your exhaust. :rlaugh:
  11. :lol: How could I not? It'll give me over 250 rwhp!.......

    But I was looking at this MAC system with a y-pipe adapter. I just emailed the techsupport to see if the systems are the same so I can get my funds together later and convert to 'true dual' later if I want.
  12. 250RWHP!? ...More like 300RWHP, and a 0-60 time of 4 seconds flat :rolleyes: I wish I invented that thing. :(
  13. 1998 GT takeoffs in good condition will be harder to find than 1999 and up. Try eBay in addition to junkyards, or the classifieds here and on other Mustang sites. No GT takeoff H-pipe (midpipe) will fit your car as is. The dual conversion kit in the Mustang tuning link will work, and is essentialy the same thing as one fabricated at a muffler shop except it has the crossover pipe added.
  14. so what is best set up. true dual or through the H pipe. for sound and that bit of power it gives.
  15. True duals with a fabricated midpipe sound good, with an H-pipe they might sound better. Performance would be the same with either setup.
  16. A true dual system uses an h pipe or x pipe. A single uses a y pipe.
  17. the H pipe is a capitol H pipe if you get that. cause the pipe for direct fit on the photo fromthe link looks like a small "h" pipe but i get it now thats a Y pipe. how much extra would it cost to set up though a H pipe. it would still need the dual ports
  18. People wonder why this forum turned to crap with threads like this.