~True Forged Goodies~

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  1. Finally got around to taking some pics of some of my True Forged Acessories so I thought I would share.

    Intercooler Reservoir. (Wrinkle Black, Polished Cap)





    Hood Vents. (Satin Black Frame and Mesh)

    Side Vents. (Satin Black Frame and Mesh)

    Oh, and My Chicane Wheels. :-D (Polished)
  2. The more I see your car, the more I dislike you. :D

    That has got to be the cleanest Cobra I've ever seen. :drool:
  3. I'll agree with stanggt1995, there is not a flawed part in the engine bay with dirt even.
  4. I'm jealous as well! You have to link me to those side scoop inserts. I can't stand the plastic crap lol
  5. cleanest cobra ive ever seen. period
  6. Thanks man.

    LOL. I try to keep it the best it can be.

    Here's where I got the inserts at.
    **new product** True Forged billet side scoop vents - SVTPerformance
  7. extremely beautiful machine my friend. what camera are you using that makes the shots come out so clear when you are so close?
  8. Nikon D80.
  9. Every time I look at my catback I think of yours and I am sad :(
  10. thats sooooo purty
  11. those wheels are so pretty!
  12. God that car is awesome!
  13. where can i get those hood vents from and im looking at true forged wheels but cant find a price
  14. wheels

    i called true forged yesterday about the chicane wheels....18"X10.5 rear and 18"X9" front just a measley $3000...told the guy thx and have a great day....
  15. Here is where I got them.
    True Forged billet hood vent GB #4 is FINALLY on! - SVTPerformance

    LOL... Yeah, they are not cheap!