Expired Trufiber Gts 4 Fiberglass Hood For Sale

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by dralex, Jun 1, 2011.

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  1. I HAVE A NEW TRUFIBER GTS 4 FIBERGLASS HOOD for sale locally in FLORIDA. It was just removed off my 2006 GT since i sold the car and the new owner didn't like the style. It has the SS Hood Pins also. The hood is new and painted black. It cost me over $1000 which included shipping and hood pins. Another $300 for paint and installation. I am only asking $450. Come and get it out of my garage. 727-458-9925 or [email protected]:hail2:

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  2. I wish you were near me :p I would of taken that off your hands. I'm located in MD though.
  3. I wish you could send this to Cali, love this hood
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  4. why don't you drive that hood to Maine for me so I can buy it :)
  5. I'd be all over that hood. I'm in Ontario Canada though :(
  6. lol ya if you could figure out a way to ship it I would buy it, CO
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