Trunk does not open with Car Key?

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  1. I am facing a strange problem....I bought a new mustang 2008 v6 in Oct 2007, and I found out the trunk is not opening with the car key though it opens fine with remote. I have already visited ford sunnyvale 3 times and some time I have been told it will take 30 minutes, nest time couple of hours and now the person told me he dont know how much time it will take. And on top of that whether he will be having right part to replace or I may have to visit multiple times for this problem to have a fix

    Is there something husssy....I had scheduled an appointment for tomorrow @ 1 PM though Service guy told me that it might possible that he will not be able to attend due to other commitment.

    I am wondering if anybody can tell me if this is a common problem or something happened first time....and how normally it get fixed?

    I am damn worried...I am not sure if the service contract I bought for 3 years costing $1795 by trusting my car with Ford sunnyvale is in good hands?

  2. Key


    The 2008 is under FACTORY WARRANTY. If one dealer will not fix it, find another or contact Ford direct and screem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Thanks Brian...i already put up a request on ford site also....

    I am interested if this is a normal issue or something i am only dealing with?

    i have 3 years service contract also thus cost is not i am worried about....problem is nobody knows why it happened and a known way to fix it?

    i have already registered on ford direct let me see if i can find how can I ask them this question...

    aren't they suppose tio provide pickup and drop from my place so i dont have to go atleast that many times service center????
  4. Lock

    Sounds like a defective lock. Get them to replace it. End of issue.


  5. trunk opens with remote = latch is OK.
    trunk does not open with key = bad lock cylinder or linkage. could also be a bad connection if the lock cylinder has the electronic sensors that use a solenoid to pop he latch. i have not looked at this car to know for sure which type is in use.
  6. yes went today and they confirmed cylinder is stuck....they will order lock and confirm me when to come for replacement

    thanks guys...i was wondering its something not related to big issue
  7. First thing I thought of is valet key. Does the Mustang come with a valet key that doesn't open the trunk? I can't remember.
  8. $1795 for a 3 year warranty ??????:jaw:

    Your car comes w/3 yr/36,ooo miles. You got an additional 3 years ???

    That's alot of dough, someone saw you coming. I would get a refund and buy one elsewhere. Put the extra grand into something else.

    FYI it's never a good buy to get mechanical breakdown insurance (extended warranty). 50% of it is salesmen commission, then they'll ALWAYS find a way to deny your claim. Read the fine print closely. There are normally a zillion stipulations in there as to service and maintenance. Be very careful, read that thing over well. Then shop online for a policy if you still think you need one. $1795 is alot, that's a huge price for breakdown insurance.
  9. You have roadside assistance for your car, if it was purchased new, for 5 years. I doubt that covers a lock, though, because you can still drive the car.
    That is a bit high for an extended warranty. This has been discussed at length on another thread. Make certain any extended warranty is issued by Ford. Most Ford dealers only honor their own warranties. The warranties are discounted by many dealers. Deductibles vary. The price on new Mustangs should be lower since it has a 5-year powertrain and 5-year roadside assistance warranty in addition to the normal 36 months/36,000 mile bumper to bumper. I am guessing that $1,200 is in the right ballpark. You can also wait until your car is almost out of warranty to purchase the extended warranty. They will tell you that costs more, and it might a bit, but I would still wait and see if the car is going to be a "problem" vehicle.
  10. Well I guess I missed it while buying....i paid it 1750 to ford sunnyvale...they said ford does not have any free services....

    anyway i did not hear anything from ford even though i put complain on there site....

    neither dealer called up that he recieved the lock....

    its pathetic to me that i have to keep fol,lowing on everything...
  11. Sounds like you were deceived. I would file a complaint with Ford corporate. Believe me the dealer will listen then.
  12. Lock

    Refer to my first two posts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:canada: