Trunk Finished

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  1. Well, I decided I had to do something with a stereo to help finish the car off. I went with JL Audio Stuff and a unique idea with covering the box and the entire trunk in leather to match my interior.



  2. looks prett sweet dude...i like the leather touch
  3. did you vent the enclosure on the backside..... if not i wonder how much of the hit you are missing....... work looks top notch though man...... very very clean and nice.

  4. Very, VERY nice! :nice: :nice: :nice: I REALLY like the leather and the carpeting on the trunk lid.
  5. Very classy addition to a show car :nice:
  6. Looks nice but good luck fitting a dead body in there. Thats the only reason why I havent put a system in my car yet.
  7. Nice! I placed my amp on the back of the sub box, and then had to notch out the factory panel to slide it in a bit further so I could my golf clubs in the darn trunk! I used to be able to squish in two full size golf bags but can't anymore. I guess thats the price I have to pay for wanting decent sound with the top down.
  8. wow man,,,, i cant wait to see that thing in person!
  9. Very nice! What kind of JL amp is that?

  10. 300/4 I think
  11. looks great, what kinda JL did you use? hows she sound?