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  1. I have a 65 vert restomod project and was looking for ideas on how you all did your trunks for a more custom look, want an amp and sub in there but not anything totally outrageous, jut a nice clean look.

    The outside of the car is red (or will be I should say) as is the engine bay, interior is all satin black. I was going to do the trunk body color too but I'm not 100% sure if that's what it should be or satin black to match the interior.

    All ideas and suggestions are welcome

  2. I used the coupe trunk carpet kit, built a sub box that matches the angle of the sheet metal behind the rear seat and is vertical on the rear of the box. The carpet kit is just long enough to go up the back of the box and looks pretty clean. Mounted a 10" alpine sub in the box and a 5 channel kicker amp and done. Sorry for the crappy pics...IPhone.
    image.jpg image.jpg
  3. Thanks, I like the idea of building a box to fit that odd shaped space at the back
  4. Be sure and put some boom mat or something down to keep the noise under control, nothing like a door rattling when a sub thumps....
  5. Agreed, the entire interior is dynamated and then covered with heat/sound deadening wool like mat with silver material from mustangs plus (quiet ride solutions) the combo makes a huge difference in how quiet the car is inside and out.
  6. Here is what I did...

  7. Very nice!
  8. My uncle rode a mule track when he was a boy.

  9. That looks awesome! What holds up the panels? did you weld some backing tabs in or?

    I will be putting dynamat or similar product on the floors and inside doors. It isn't going to be bumping something fierce, I'm building the car for my wife and she's not a rapper nor are we young
  10. I am over the hill (67). I have 360 watts running the passenger compartment speakers and 240 watts on the sub woofer. It's not a big thumper but puts out a great sound for cruising, especially with the top down. The panels are plywood with sheet metal for the curves. Side and rear panels are fiction fit and lift out. The amp/speaker panel is hinged to the floor so it folds down for access and storage space. You have to remove the cross tortion bars that hold the trunk lid up and replace them with gas lift cylinders. See attached pictures.

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  11. i started my install like this

    everything is now taken out and moved to the interior
  12. Thanks for the ideas and pics guys, those looks great!