Tryin on my tux for prom...

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  1. Just took this pic with my little bro. He is the greasy haired beast on the right. I am the sexy one who needs a hair cut:D
    I'll have pics Saturday of me and the GF...


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  2. ^you are an ugly bastard. jk :D
  3. Not what yo mom said... OH SNAP!!
  4. how old are you again? 17 ?
  5. yup... bro is 16
  6. you guys look alot younger!
  7. It'll be good for when we are older i guess :D

    But I am 5'11" 160, he is about 6' 185. and I bench 215 **** come get some ...jk but I do bench 215
  8. Bah ... haircuts are for adults. You're young. Grow that stuff out while you've still got some to grow. (Trust me, I'm trying to RE-grow mine, and wishing I'd done the long-haired hippie thing a long, long time ago.)

    Nice zoot suit, btw. :nice:
  9. ill be the first one to call :bs: on the 215 thing. lets see some pics at the gym...
  10. you look queer..

    :D JK man LOL i thought about doing the prom thing.. but decided ehhh.. i can find better things to do

  11. i only bench weak :shrug: and i weigh 190
  12. my man...the stang a box of pizza :lol:
  13. Up you got me lol...

    I bench around 185 I can snap some pics tomorrow in weight training. Ryan I have only seen one freshman who benched 160+ and he weighs 300+ pounds...

    As long as I bench more than I weigh all is good lol. I used to be fat lol, I topped out around 180-185 last year, but weight training, pushing carts, and having a vegetarian GF has helped ALOT!
  14. Translation:

    I wanted to... but my redneck ass couldn't get a date!:lol:
  15. lol.. your a fat ass 14 year old.. im 17 and im.. 145ish.. 5'9-10.. and im not scrawny at all.. im plenty filled out :shrug: i think my heads filled with air :crazy: im not much into sports or lifting or anything of the sort.. i stick to my cars.. who knows what i can bench. Far as prom goes.. i didnt have the money, much less was i interested in spending 300 bucks to spend 100 hour and be bored listening to rap homeboy music :nonono:
  16. Thats not bad at all, if your not full of ****. How tall are you? Im 6'1 165-170lbs (my weight goes up and down like a pregnant ****). I pyramid my flat sets 155,165,175,etc. Last time i maxed i hit 195. So i really doubt these 215 claims. You dont walk into the gym and throw on 215lbs... :bs:
  17. not really.. last girl i had made me sell the bullet.. so i'm apprehensive about it. Had plenty of girls wanting to go but i went racing instead :D
  18. at the start of 8th grade i was 160......all my buddys told me to come in a lift with them after i started doing that till 4 each day with all of them and started to gain weight and muscle :nice: ...been doing that ever since...ive been cutting out a 3:30 for the past week...i just wanna get home and work on the stang.....friday ill go back in there and see what weight i can life and how many reps... ive been working my way up...from lifting 130 and so on and so on till i got to where i am happy with it though...better shape then i was ...still not the best :lol: ...the way i eat...dont help at all either lol..i need to start running more :notnice: and i hate running...

    and im like 5'10 or 5'11...somewhere in between them too.
  19. Uhhh, prom?

    LOL, that's all my 17 year old daughter has been talking about.

    Grow the hair, beast!!! :nice:

  20. you should of kicked her to the curb... :nice: