Tryin on my tux for prom...

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  1. Get outta here ryan, Ok pic time. It was not that bad, Her meal was 1.50 for rice lmfao!!! So I got out with paying 30 bucks total for food and 20 bucks for my ticket, not bad...

    We left the dance around 11pm and picked up the new 007 so we could NOT watch it :rolleyes: Her parents didn't get home from a cinco de mayo party till 1. Well all was good, I am not goin into details :D

    And I got a hair "trim" I don't do short hair.
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  2. I dont blame you wanting long hair, helps hide the face! :eek:

    The girl on the other hand is pretty smokin!! :nice:
  3. You guys are nuts. LOLLL
  4. lol....get rid of the EMO hair cut...
  5. EMO my ass wht the **** do you know, my hair is not ****ing emo, I am ****ing preppy/redneck weird mix i know but that is not an emo haircut.

    Here are some search results from google key word "emo hair"

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    There is some ****ing emo hair, I am not ****in emo :mad:
  6. same thing different name. 20 years ago that was punk.
  7. hey hey hey now.. dont get mad and cut yourself :rolleyes:
  8. That's not EMO. LOL
  9. I call it the "ugly hair phase" - no offense, but it just looks like that inbetween phase a guy goes through when he's beyond needing a haircut but doesn't have it long enough to tie back or do anything else with it. (I'll be there again, myself, in about a month or so. Dealing with that period of time is the lonnnnnngest damned six months or so, EVARRRR!)

    To be Emo, you must:
    1. Listen to crap like Weezer 24/7;
    2. Wear girl's pants (literally);
    3. Go through more batteries per month listening to your iPod than Jenna Jameson goes through "testing" her iVibe Rabbit :D ;
    4. Deliberately style/color your hair so as to appear disturbingly like some kind of rejected anime character (think Pokemon);
    5. Drive a Volkswagen and worship it like it's a friggin' Bentley or Maserati;
    6. Bawl and whine and cut yourself and whatnot ... basically, over-do the stereotypical goth thing, but in such a way that even the goths think you're a pathetic crybaby with bad style;
    7. etc. etc. etc. ...
  10. My son was temporarily EMO. I told him if he didn't stop it, I'd put him up for adoption. It worked. :D
  11. Cut your hair and you wont run mid 14s!!!
  12. haha. how in the hell did this thread even get this long. (i didnt read it, figured it was a waste of time.) and you do need a damn hair cut and a gas card.
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    :lol: :D
  14. beast didnt someone mess up your stang? like back into it or somethin?
  15. BEAST SUCKS BALLZ and yes he does have a dented up stang. he is teh lose
  16. lol, runnin out of gazz, calling people they suck!!! Beast is teh looze!! dented up pos slow silvernessss, cuttin his airbox and rubber connector all up, just to fit the stupid maf on thur :nonono: You should be beaten with teh bantness!!

    j/k :rlaugh: did your dad evar give ya some petrol mulah?

    ah yes!! we needs to go to the track soon, when i get my dr's!!!
  17. No and he ended up takin my car to the airport when I put 37 bucks into it the other day, now I'll have no gas and I have no car.... except his lincoln:D
  18. well take it and go dog this crap out of it. do like a 1 min burnout and stuff.