Tryin on my tux for prom...

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  1. im tellin ya what, If he was a dooche that bad to the fact that I couldnt even get home because of gas and then he takes it to hartsfield airport where it can get vandilized and such, oh hell naw!! Do a solid 5min burn to teh tires off!!
  2. is that where you attended school? bet you had it made there :rlaugh:
  3. Well even if I had it made, I still learned proper grammar.

    Considering the way you guys have been making fools of yourselves lately, you'd think this was myspace.
  4. considerin the fact i was born and raised in the south as a redneck car guy, even though i'm still well educated, i speak how i was spoken to.. no reason to be ashamed of your dialect.. seems like someone cares a lil to much about what others think :shrug:
  5. you'all come back now ya hear!! :D
  6. hells ya bow i tell ya what man we aint go no damn near queers down in these parts get there asses blown off by pa ridin shotgun with a over and under rockin to skynyrd with ma dog in the back seat howlin at the moon runnin shine cross the boarder ta yankee caroliner

  7. Case in point! You Red neck MF!!:nonono:
  8. I wish my lawn would cut itself.

    I feel old compared to the 17 year olds. I smoke cigarettes and drink beer when I work on my car. All they can do is chew bubblegum.
  9. Hopefully you don't smoke while changing out a fuel filter... :eek:
  10. Heck no!! Only when I'm waiting for the oil to drain out. I do drink beer the whole time though. mmmmmm beer
  11. i didnt know we were on
  12. So where's the mullet?
  13. man...I've never seen a thread take so many turns....

    from long hair, to body building, back to long hair, to "Post a pic of your prom", then a debate on what's EMO, and now back to discussing the hair again...sweet!

    hell...I should join's a pic from me and my lady at our friends wedding (it's the closest thing I've got to being in prom garb):
  14. i have a solution to your problem. Just break up with her and give me her number :nice: its a win win situation.
  15. Haha what if she was fat and ugly? :shrug:

    j/p she's Nothing even close to fat and ugly :nice:

  16. dont lie
  17. Maybe you should be ashamed of your reading comprehension skills. I never said anything about dialect and as you can see I was raised in GA, and although I was not born here, I still have a slight southern accent. I am however talking about the content of a few high school SN members posts. They just seem unnecessarily immature IMHO.

    But whatever.
  18. Not quite.. I read above my grade level and go to one of the best high schools in the state. Content is content, and after all.. we are high school kids.. its the transitional phase from being a boy to being a man. Ups and downs.. and until you have kids, your most likely going to act immature unless your in you mid-late twenties. I don't have a problem with you or what you said, it's just honesty, so it's hard to find fault in it. Oh well, no harm no foul eh?