Tryin to fit subwoofers in the trunk.

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  1. I have a 2001 GT convertable. I have 2 new 12" subs that I want to put in the trunk, but I don't know how to set them up. I was wondering if anyone has made or has any ideas on custom boxes for one of those trunks. Thanks.
  2. Sometimes when you put too much bass in the trunk of a vert it will shatter the rear window glass when the top is down... Its a pricey fix...
  3. I already have 1 12" in the trunk, that I have facing the front of the car. The glass has been fine with that. I want to try to have the subs facing the front of the car again if possible
  4. I got 2 10s in a box that barely fit. Good luck
  5. They make boxes that fit in the trunk. I had a pos box that I got for free (2-12"), it fit but really tight. good luck
  6. Where do you think I could find a box that is made for mustangs?
  7. Best thing to do is have one custom made. You will have less headaches that way.

    There are MTX Thunderform boxes and JL Stealthboxes but they only use one woofer. Can be found easily on ebay.
  8. Go see your local stereo shop and have something made. About breaking the rear window, my shop did that. It was because the enclosure was too big. When the top went down it broke the glass. Needless to say we payed to have the window replaced and built a smaller enclosure. You kinda need 10" subs if you want it to sound good. 12" is too big.
  9. E-mail a guy named Ken Smith at [email protected]

    He made a custom box for my 99 to my specifications (cubic feet, port size/tuning, etc) and only charged me $80 shipped. This was for a 2.5^3ft ported box (big box, takes up my whole trunk almost) for a single 12.
  10. I completely disagree with this. It all depends on the speaker you get and the amp you use.
  11. In the original post it states that he has two 12" subs. So if you have one and it takes up your whole trunk, how is he going to fit two? NOT enough airspace!
  12. Mine is in a huge ported box, which is why I could only fit 1.

    If he were to go with a sealed 2.5^3 ft box (1.25^3 per sub) then theoretically he could fit 2 12s in just about the space that I fit 1.

    And as far as the 1.25^3 per sub goes, that's more than enough for a sealed enclosure. There are even subs that perform optimally in .5-.75 enclosures.
  13. It's a convertible man, no room! Sure there are subs that play in small enclosures. But in a space limiting convertible, 12"????? I'm just trying to give some good advise. This is my profession, I sell car audio.
  14. Also throwedoff do you have a convertible also? Or a coupe.
  15. Ah my bad, you're right... I completely missed that.
  16. i have been in the audio industry for years and have never seen a window break from too much bass(in a convertible)

    I am fiberglassing 2 12" in a 2.6 cu ft box in the spare tire well of my 06 and will still have room above the false floor for luggage or s spare if i travel.
  17. Hell, man, it's only been VERY recently that glass has been broken by the specialized SPL machines. The jury is still out on it. It's usually a stress fracture that splits totally out when the glass flexes from SPL. You WON'T, and I mean WON'T get enough pressure inside a legally driveable vehicle to break glass, especially with you in it. Your body's tissues would break down far before the glass.

    Iskwezm, I want pics. I plan to use the Shelby spare thingy, and glass 5-6 8's around it in a horseshoe configuration. I just have to quit being lazy and see what will fit.
  18. The rear window broke as the convertible top was motorized down. Sorry, I should of have explained better. Box was a tad bit too big.

    Hell no it won't break a window spl wise, besides it's a convertible. Would pressure worth a whoot anyhow.
  19. I did 2-12's in a 3cu.ft. ported box in my trunk but I actually had to build the box in the trunk :owned: not fun at all! You're best off finding subs with a really nice range in a small sealed box.

    To break the glass you basically need to match its resonant frequency within a fraction of a Hz. You can break it with 120dB with the right frequency. With bass, the only way to 'break' it is if it shakes enough to actually hit something hard or already has a crack.
  20. Thanks guys, I think im gonna try to email that guy that ThrowedOff gave me. I did make a box that fits my 1 12" myself that fits perfectly in the very back of the trunk so it is out of the way. It is the whole width of the trunk and is angles perfectly to the top of the trunk. I might just make another one like that, but for two if nothing works out.