35th Anniv tryin to get a new registry going

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by smokin'Red35th, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. Hey 35th guys, I am a member over at unitedstangs.com and am trying to recruit some 35th owners to sign up and register there. Since mustang35th is now gone, this would be a good opportunity. VOORHEES, how much info on our cars were you able to get from the guy that ran mustang35th? i thought i read that you had some, at least a list of VIN's.

    here's a link to the suggestion thread, the mods need more of us to start a registry. Please sign up!!! :flag:

  2. Hey Smokin',

    Glad I could help over at UnitedStangs. However, I will still consider StangNet the official/unofficial site for "Limiteds" since I've been here soooo long. At least until someone else works up a new registry site. We've created alot of traffic for owners here, however having another site to spread the word is great.
  3. Hey, your the guy from Wisconson right? I've talked to you a few through various sites (cardomain, stangnet, gotstang) over the years, you told me you were serving in italy. Happy to register over there.
  4. I have always wondered about the registry at the 35th site. (I was a member)
    what good is the regesty if no one can access the info. seems like it should be posted somewhere.( I am talking about the actual data\history on the cars not the website. ) Similer to the shelby book.
  5. FWIW I have a 35th anny, torch red, 54,000 miles and a Kenne Bell blower just to keep the ricers honest. It's my first mustang, although I've been building cars (mostly bow-ties and some MG sporty cars) for 30 years now. Glad to meet some of you guys. Ill keep an eye on this site.
  6. 35th LE don't come in torch red. You have a regular GT
  7. yep im from wisconsin. I have the car over here in italy with me now :D
    please do register. the more we get the better chance the mods will let us start our own little corner of the forum.
  8. yep afraid hes right. thats ok though, we'll still be nice to you :D