trying to decide if its worth it to keep my cobra

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  1. i have a mint 1995 Mustang Cobra SVT with 50000 miles on it was involved in an accident afew days ago, both airbags went off and most of the front parts were destroyed (bumber, hood, radiator support, radiator, both fenders, both headlights and turn signals, etc.) the insurance company declared the car totalled:cry:. Im trying to decide if it would be worth it to keep it and get a 500 parts car and fix it or just take the money and let the insurance company have it. The estimates to repair the car were around $6000 without the airbags or windshield. i just dont know weather it would be worth it to keep it and fix it up over time or just get rid of it and get a different one :shrug: any opinions help.
  2. 1. Take what they will offer and then buy the car off them. Rebuild it with the
    money and pay any overage.

    2. Junk the car and buy it from them / part it out

    All the parts you mentioned are easy to get.

    Are you willing to do some of the work yourself?

    I would remove all the damaged parts and check the frame.

    Fenders $90 each
    Hood $200
    Front clip / radiator support / bumper
    Headlights $200
    Radiator $150-200
    Hoses $80
    Grill - $90
    Airbags - $300

    A picture would be nice.
  3. help me - Sorry to hear about the wreck but glad you are OK.

    It really boils down to what YOU want out of this car in the end.

    A donor/parts car could possibly get it back to driving condition, but that depends on the damage (as stated, pics would help).

    You'll have to play the numbers game with your insurance company first. Depends on what amount the insurance company will cut you a check for and how much they want to sell the wrecked/salvaged car for. :shrug:

    Without those numbers, it's really a wild guess. Once you know what they are offering you, then you can make an educated decision.


    Hindsight being 20/20, and for others out there reading this thread with a similar vehicle (no matter what the make/model), you may want to consider buying "agreed value" car insurance coverage. An "agreed value" insurance policy for your baby can help avoid situations like the OP is facing. It may involve an appraisal and other legwork, so shop around/get a few estimates.

  4. I would just take the money and get another car.
  5. i had a body shop look at it and they told me there is no frame damage. but i have to replace alot of parts including the radiator support, im assuming that is probably very difficult. thank you for that link, yes i am planing on doing alot of the work (-paint) myself. that radiator support looks very difficult to put in. the price difference between keeping the car and getting rid of the car is $2200.

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  7. if it's just a 5.0 let them take it and cash out dude > take the money and put it down on a NEW 5.0 gt> there price's start around $27,000 if you can get 6-8 grand down you could get the payment below $400-$450 a month and smile all the way home with 400hp under the hood > or you could use it as a down payment on a 03/04 cobra> the posabillitys are end less> :)
  8. Find out if they junk it out how much can you buy it from them to
    try and repair it yourself.

    A lot of people here can rebuild and if you're not greedy you
    can make some more cash by selling it.
  9. i think just cause of the sentimental value of the car im gona buy it back and fix it up down the road. Once its fixed up i think an engine rebuild and a kenne bell supercharger is in order :D. but in the mean time i think i will look for a 03-04 cobra.
  10. I would not buy it back. I know that you are probably attached to the car, but I do not think that it will ever be the same. Your next car is waiting for you to become attached to it.
  11. I wouldn't buy it back. How much is your insurance company going to give? It's probably enough to take the money and run. The insurance will pay Blue Book less your deductible, and if you're patient, you can buy a better car without a salvage title.