Trying to get a cobra

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  1. I am trying to sell my 2002 Blk/blk GT 5-spd straight up for a 1999 Black Cobra or a 2001 with MAYBE some cash on top. What do you guys think? I REALLY want a 2001 blk/blk Cobra :D But they are hard to find.

    Any of you guys have any recommendations or any websites I should check out about finding Cobras?
  3. is there a difference between the 2001 cobra and the 99 or something ?
  4. The 2001 has two-tone interior leather that the 99 didn't have. And the 99 needed a "fix" (which is done on most 99s already) but its something that needs to be looked into. The 99's were only making like 305hp instead of the advertised 320, so they need to go back to Ford for a recal for a PC re-flash and different exhaust.

    The 2001 Cobras also have an upgraded IRS suspension. The 99's had IRS too, but it wasn't upgraded until 01.


    How much money will it take to get an 01?
    I have my car for a trade-in, which i can get straight up for a 99. But since I want an 01, how much money will i need on top do you guys think? :shrug:
  5. 01's are going for 14.5-19k, depending on miles and all
  6. I would LOVE to get an 01 for $14.5. I'd can trade my GT straight up for that. I want like under 50k miles though. 55k would be like my max.

    NEEEED an '01 Cobra :drool:

    I can't find any sites selling too many good ones. They are all like 21k :(
  7. haha hell dude, if you want a yellow one with 46k miles, just give me 19,000.

    check and ebay if you haven't already
  8. uhh, the 99 and 01 IRS were identical. It was not upgraded until 2003.
  9. the 99 had 28 spline half shafts, the 01 had 31 spline, and the 03/04 had thicker 31 spline half shafts.
  10. Sorry, but I don't see a 02 GT being a straight up trade for a 01 Cobra. Maybe a 99. Just my opinion though. Good luck though. Might find someone that would want to, but I would sell the GT and then start looking for a cobra.
  11. Only looking for a black on black Cobra, sorry :)
  12. Hey am I wrong? Did the 99 Cobras come with two-tone suede/leather interior like the 01s? I was under the impression that they didn't, just making sure. I am wondering if getting a 99 Cobra is worth it. Or if i should just get a 2001 Cobra.

  13. The '99s did not come with the two tone leather/alcantara seats, that started with the '01+ Cobras.
  14. i traded my low mileage 03 GT almost straight up for an 01 cobra, last may. it can be done.
  15. haha no worries, good luck to ya. :)
  16. Anyone know of anyone selling a blk/blk 01 Cobra (perferably stock) that woudl want to trade me for my 02GT 5spd? :shrug: My mods are in my sig, and I might be willing to through in my lowering springs, tokico shocks and Steeda C/C plates, if the deal is right.
  17. there is no logic in trading a GT for a Cobra. the guy selling the Cobra would be on the losing end cause he'd end up with just a GT.
  18. Yeah but from the investigating i'm doing, the people wanting to sell their cobras have too many pts on their licenses, or insurance is WAY to high for them. So its not out of the question, but for the most part you are right in thinking that.

    I LOVE my GT, and dont really want to sell it, but I just have this itch from a snake bite that wont go away :D

    Any idea how much money I could get for my car if I were to trade it in to a Ford dealership? And how much an 01 Cobra would go for form a dealership?
    I would obviously return my car to stock condition when trading it in, since its easy for me to do and i'll sell my mods to try and help pay for the Cobra.
  19. you may get 12k for your car, the 05 model has made the SN-95's lose value like crazy. If you find an 01 cobra at a dealership, get ready to be shocked. Apparently car dealers still think they can command a premium for a 4-5 year old car. I've heard of guys finding 01's for 22-25k, which is a huge ripoff. You could always talk them down though.