Trying to get a cobra

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  3. i had 21st century and they wanted like 300 a month for the cobra whereas they only wanted 200 a month when i had my GT, so i switched companies and now pay 125 a month for my cobra. you just gotta shop around
  4. hmm that helped. I already looked on autotrader but never got these search results. And I checked nation wide. Hmmm thanks.

    Where is your zip? What city/state is: 08045
  6. The only time someone would trade a cobra for a gt is if it had big power, like a blower setup with forged internals or something...or the gt was alot newer but 1 year newer would not cut it. Dont worry though, you can easily find an 01 cobra for around 16k
  7. yeah i've seen quite a few for 16k. Maybe I can sell my car for 15 :shrug:
  8. A 2002GT and no collision? Your a brave man.
  9. No im a POOR man. :rlaugh: W/ collision it would be 5k a year for my policy and car :rolleyes:

  10. What the heck is on your record. That is just insane. And you are looking to get a cobra? Good luck. Couldn't imagine paying that for insurance.
  11. I can't even BEGIN to count how many posts I've discussed my ****ty insruance in. But i have one parking, seat-belt and a speeding ticket, when I was 17 (85 in a 65). And I'll be 22 in July, so nearly 5 years ago...

    And the insurance is why I didn't get a cobra in the 1st place when I sold my 98GT. But im having second thoughts now. :D

    I'm shopping for different companies when I grad college in May and return home. I want a cobra, and I 'aint payin out the ass for it :mad:
  12. I'm 24 and pay $2100 for full coverage on a 02 chev sub.,04 saab(turbo-4, listed as primary car) and the stang. Most of my friends pay that much or more for one car. It helps to have a spotless record I guess. If the stang were listed as my primary car my ins would be only $400 more per year. I use AAA
  13. Hey guys, I recently joined and thought to chime in. The cobra pickens on auto trader just got slimer since I just purchased one of 'em. Was able to get my price (18.5K, listed for 23k) so don't be shy to ask (and hold out).

    Full coverage ins for my new snake costs me $83/month (no tix & >30yo). Hell I'm paying more than my wife does for her 2000 BMW Z3 coupe ($72/mo).

    Good luck UDT!
  14. You'll be poorer if you wreck that thing. Hope you can pay cash for whatever car you buy. Financing will require collision.
  15. Just to give u an idea of what the o1 cobra will cost u, i just bought my 01 cobra in laser red with the parchment interior which is a rare find(only a couple hundred made in that combination). the car is flawless and was 100% stock when i got it but it aint no more and ive only had it for a month. the car cost 18,900! well worth it. i traded in my 91 notchback 5.0 for it and there is no comparison, the cobra is a sick car! Do it man!

    I dont know wahere u live but i bought mine at blacks automotive in central florida. all they do is mustangs and they are great. check em out at!
  16. Thanks for the advice and help! I'll look into it.
    I bought my 1st 98GT from Florida, and i live in northern new jersey. I dont mind road tripping to buy a car. So anywhere in the U.S. is fine with me :nice:
  18. My 01 Cobra with 14k miles cost me 20 grand. I could have got it for 18,500 if I had been thinking. If I was you I wouldn't pay over 19k for a coupe or 20.5k for a vert. If it has over 30k miles I wouldn't spend over 17k on it.

    Low mileage ones seem somewhat rare nowadays.
  19. Yeah thanks for the advise. I am looking into buyin a few, all that i have seen for $17-18k and about 30k miles. I'm not 100% dead set on selling my GT yet, so im looking for a trade-in or a good sale. Guess i'll see what i can find, and what happens :)