Trying to get a cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by BlackenedSVT, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. Didn't you just buy your 02 GT like a few months ago? :shrug:
  2. Last August (04) so not quite, but kind of, at the same time.

    I like new cars, what can I say :D

    In all honesty, with GT prices dropping like flies and Cobra insurance being too high, I think i'll keep the GT.

    I bought my GT last aug with 27k miles, for $16k. Now im selling it for $15k with 34k miles a year later, and that price seems to high to people. So im not sacrifice selling it and buying an 01 cobra for 18-19k. Too much $$ to come up with. So i dunno...
  3. Reading about your insurance issues, and your financing needs, I'd recommend you to be patient, and keep your GT.
  4. UDT, I tend to agree w/98Stang....hold on to your GT & enjoy it! You've (only)owned it for a year. Be patient, save some cash... and... I'll meet you in line when it's time to "get" (ie..afford) the '07 Shelby. my 01 w/17k mi for $18.5. A very clean machineindeed.. inside, outside & under the hood!!

  6. :bs: Sorry but I can't say that I believe that at all. The Cobras were under rated at like 305 or 310 hp, and need the "fix" to bring them up to 320 as they were supposed to have. The 99 GTs had 260hp. There is no way even if the cobra has 300 hp, that the GT would beat it...
  7. Check this out
    I know he sold it but you may be able to find out what dealer it's at.

  8. The complete '99 fix included the intake, a new catback, and a PCM reflash. Fellow Stangnet member TXsnakecharmer has a great write-up on his website:

    Here's his main site, it's a great reference for 1999 (and 2001) owners:

  9. Unfortunately, there are more than 1% of stang owners that are wingless. Its like a trend now, i'd be 15% are wingless :rolleyes: And its UGLY without it!

    [/endofdiscussion] :D
  10. you defintily getting raped on your insurance. IM 18 and pay half of what you would pay on the geico insurance