Trying to help my son!

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    My son started driving recently and he purchased a 1989 Mustang convertible with a 2.3 litre engine that had been sitting a while. After driving for a few weeks, the transmission sprayed out most of the fluid all at once. It appears to have no visible leaks, but the fluid has been pushed out on a couple of occasions. It shifts fine if there is the right amount of fluid in it. I am told the trans is a A4od. Does this problem sound familiar to anyone?

  2. I had this happen to a 90s BMW 325i i had. I want to say it was the torque converter, internal fluid pump, or the front seal. it just dumped it all out from the torqe converter/flywheel area, but i never tried re-filling it to see if it was consistant, or every once in a while. I do know that i had to get a rebuilt tranny for it.... so it probably wont be a quick fix.

    First thing i'd do is check the lines running to the cooler/radiator, but i cant see it being one of those unless it just leaked all the time... same thing with the pan gasket, would be consistently leaking...

    Sorry i couldn't be more help.
  3. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I'll have to look into the problem when the weather breaks. I've been driving the car almost daily with no problem. Its an odd one.
  4. yeah, the fact that it dumped and then doesnt leak at all is really throwing me off. Could it have been a bit too full and overheated, possibly dumping the fluid but then not causing problems now? if there was a temp block in the tranny cooler line it could have heated it up......

    Motors are my thing, never beena tranny guy so im just throwing out ideas here.

    You may try posting in the FOX forum too, from what i can tell, a lot of the regulars dont spend much time in here.....

    Good luck with it!