Trying to paint a little...

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  1. Okay, i want to paint my grey vents black, but I'm having trouble with getting them out. I took a flat head screwdriver and tried to pry but it feels like its going to break. Will it pop out eventually or is it just going to tear it apart? Whats the easiest way to get them outta there? I painted my Sentra vents and they came out with a flat head. Is there a screw or something that I need to loosen under the dash? I've looked and can't find anything.
  2. Hmm, ill take a look at my vents later today and try and figure out how the hell i got them out... Theres no screws though, im sure of that
  3. I got em out. Painted and finished in about an hour. Im sick of the dull grey, going black and blue.
  4. Yeh i have the polished mirror around my outer bezel, i painted the main vent part red, left the vent flaps themselves black, i think it looks good, check my sig.
  5. How'd you do those polished bits? Got any full interior shots?