Trying to remove my Air Conditioning. Need info

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  1. Hey all !

    I have a 94 GT. My air conditioning unit has gone out. Well, I dont want it anymore. Does anyone know of a site, that will explain this to me? Or can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance !

  2. You'll need spring lock coupling remover tools first off. Then it's pretty striat forward. Are you removing the entire AC system or just the compressor?

    The Compressor is held by one or two bolts and drops right out once the lines are removed.

    I used a Haynes Manual to remove mine.
  3. What's to explain? Pull out everything that is hooked to the AC. :shrug:

    Basically, you got the AC compressor (which is under the power steering pump), the condenser (the coil that's mounted in front of the radiator), and the accumulator (the aluminum tank mounted in the rear corner of the passenger side engine bay). The evaporator can go too, but considering the chore to get it out (removal of the dash), you may want to just leave it in there.

    Was there something in specific you weren't sure on?
  4. nope

    Just trying to make sure that there is nothing i will have to plug up or anything like that.
  5. If you leave the evaporator in there, be sure to plug off those holes just incase you want to put it all back in. If if you know you'll never reinstall it, I'd plug them just so you don't get a wasp nest growing in there or something.

    If you do remove it, plug off the holes in the firewall and you'll be golden.
  6. And how much does all this stuff weigh?
  7. Consulting my list, I have 36# for the compressor and plumbing and 18# for the evaporator/heater core. I'd imagine that the heater core by itself is only 3-4# as the evaporator is usually a pretty bulky piece. I don't have a figure for the condensor or accumulator but I'd estimate 20# and 8# respectively. Total, it looks to be around 80#.
  8. Dang, that's some heavy stuff. So (going by the rule-of-thumb estimate), removing all that A/C stuff could net you almost one tenth off your 1/4 mile at the track...

    Not worth it to me, though. My car is my DD and one measly tenth isn't worth riding around being miserably hot all summer. Yes, putting the windows down helps, but what about getting held up in bumper-to-bumper traffic? You don't get a very cool breeze at 3mph. :drool: Plus I like to use my A/C to remove condensation from my windows/windshield when it's humid and rainy outside.

    But for the track guys that want every last tenth, I guess every little bit helps. Go for it!
  9. Hmm who's that directed at? :D
    I've never had an AC that worked so I lopped mine off.. took 80 pounds off the front end and gave me a tenth.. woo hoo! I like my 2-60 AC thank you very much. Roll down 2 windows and go 60 miles an hour. :nice:
  10. Hmmm

    Hmm.. I didnt know they had traffic in West Virginia.... JUST KIDDING ! Sorry gotta poke fun of my neighboring state..

    Well here is my theory. This car is my second car in 2months. The stupid air conditioning doesnt work, so its just taking up space. Also I will be adding switching where my controls are for the heat/ac.

    I like the 2-60 rule. I love the the hot weather and sitting in my car doesnt bother me too much, cuz there really isnt any traffic down here in Good OLE richmond.

    Hitman, was ripping the ac out hard and how long did it take you? I really wanna do this, but i dont wanna rip anything out by mistake. :hail2:
  11. Took me about 2 1/2 hours to finish everything up. Get a Haynes Manual. It pretty much maps it out. It's really easy. You can take the condensor (the radiator looking thing in front of the radiator) out without removing the radiator.. Just unbolt it from the frame and lean it towards the engine and you should be able to pull it straight out. The Accumulator was the hardest part. It sits in the back of the engine bay and some of the bolts are kinda hard to get to but just bear with it and it will come out. I left the Evaporator Core in because it's behind the dash... just plug up the tubes going into it and you should be ok.
    Over all once you start doing it it's pretty straigh forward and you won't have too many problems.. Just be patient. Also removing the Coolant resevior and the CCRM module helps ALOT!
    You'll notice a difference in the front end of the car once you get all this stuff off.. And it REALLY cleans up the engine bay in my opinion! :nice:
  12. You guys must be reptiles or something. I can't stand extreme temperatures for long. Just ask The Hitman how I act when it's really cold outside and I get into a car that's been frozen over. :rlaugh: It's like Jim Carrey but 10x worse/more annoying. :D
  13. If it makes you feel any better, I'm the same way. Of course, living in sunny FL tends to make an AC lover out of you. I'll be keeping mine until the car becomes a dedicated track whore.
  14. He really gets annoying when it's cold. :D You just want to knock him out to get him to stop! :rlaugh:
    However like I said I've never had an AC and I've spent alot of time in South Florida because my dad lives there so I can get over the heat.. and since I'm kindof a big guy, the cold doesn't bother me.
  15. Remove your A/C compressor, and then hop over to Wal Mart and buy one of those dash fans that plug into your 12V :) I get a kick out when i walk in a parking lot and see some POS with a dash fan aimed at the driver. Nothing like circulating 100* air all around!