TT Ford GT (In my TOWN!)

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  1. u cant be serious about a stock block right? awesome numbers but on stock internals???????????????
  2. ahhh I am sorry GT..not mustang GT.. my bad... Sweet freakin ride!!!!
  3. holy crap, ive seen ford gt's, dodge viper srt 10s, various ferraris and porsches drive around ponte vedra beach and jacksonville beach, but I will have to lookout for this beast.
  4. Yes, look for him. He's commonly seen at BJ's on atlantic and kernan frequently, along with 8-9 03-04 cobras.. One i know of running race gas, 600 hp... :)
  5. Yes yes, i know of what you speak of big cheif.

    I have a KB 1.7 intercooled on the way and I feel like a civic.

    There is this "GTO" labeled 3000gt body style car. I personally believe it's a VR4 MAXED out. It hung within 4 cars of Joe's when he had nothing done but a 100 shot, which he didn't use. It was a monster.
  6. Errr.. "joe" being the guy with the now TT'd ford gt

    I went out to BJ's and matress firm tonight and didnt see him around. I'll keep a look out.

    He actually sat in my brother celica and checked out his lambo doors.. he said he has them on his 300c. I want his bank.
  7. YEah, wtf does this dude do? I heard he's a young guy, right?
  8. no older than maybe 28. My guess is < 25.

    He's got an accent, I cant be sure where from.. possibly eastern europe. We joke of how his last name is probably "Brumos"
  9. WOW :eek: . Man thats a sick car! Apparently this guy has TOOOOOO much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$...WAY too much. Go buy a $150K car nad spend probably $50K on a TT setup.

    I may get flamed here, but im not impressed with his #s :shrug:.

    One of Tims TT 2Vs (DD car) was making 900RWHP on just 15PSI, and once the boost was turned p ( I think 22PSI) it would make like 1300RWHP. For those heads, 330CI, and all that....I think it should make more. But eventually this guy may have a 1500-1700RWHP monster once he gets a new short block, P&Ps the heads, hotter turbo cams, and upps the boost. :D
  10. I never heard about a 1300 rwhp daily driven 2v.

    That would be like.. amazing.

    He's got stock everything, he just replaced the s/c with a turbo setup. Although I do believe he's had exhaust done.

    Im not big on the knowledge of engine work to power ratio.. but a 100% increase in HP by just changing a power adder is something amazing to me.
  11. I hope people see my setup and say how the northwest Indiana scene is blowing up... but they prob just roll their eyes and wonder why its so dirty...