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  1. OK guys here goes my first build thread attempt. I have always enjoyed everybody Else's builds so i thought that i would finally start my own.

    Alot of this stuff is already done and has been for a while but im going to try and keep it updated in order as to how everything was done. Also be patient with me as i might not get to it everyday but hopefully this will give me some motovation as here lately between my wifes convertible(will post pics of her car and might make a seperate thread on hers alone just not sure yet) and my car it seems like i have lost a bit of steam.

    So my car is a 1988 t top gt. Has 81,000 original miles on it And i bought it off my best friend after he blew the trans out of it(t5). When he got the car it had hit a pole and the core support was a little messed up so we took a come along and some beer and a dogwood tree in his uncles yard and fixed it "Good Nuff" :D. Afterwards he had a vortech A trim kit laying around so we threw that on and he had a little fun with it for a while til he did a holeshot and blew the trans.

    thats when he sold the car to me for $1600 with a blown trans and a vortech a trim kit on it. I put a $200 t5 in it and i have $1800 into a 1988 t top with low mileage and virtually unmolested! Til he got it anyways! This car was completely stock when he got it right down to the factory mufflers from ford! I cut those off myself. I ran the vortech with the speed density system for a while til i converted it to mass air.

    Heres some pics of the car when i first got it.
    Orig ttop.jpg

    Orig ttop 2.jpg

    Orig ttop 3.jpg
  2. I will be covering alot of things in this thread. Everything to a complete black interior conversion, five lug conversion, TMI upholstery kits, Radiator core support replacemant, Wire tuck, engine bay repaint, On3 turbo kit install, TKO install and anything else i can find along the way!!
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