1. I trying to come up with ideas for coilover suspensions. Has anyone measured your upper and/or lower control arms?
  2. Is yours missing ?
  3. Trying to preform diy coil overs for 67 or 68. Are the lower control arms longer?
  4. Yes they are .
  5. you would probably do best if you found some old control arms locally, So you can see how the ball joint ends have to tilt to prevent binding. It would just be best to have them in hand for measurements.
  6. Stock lca i 15.750 with scale (ruler). Not very accurate because eye balling te ball joint pivot and of course using a scale. Its a rought base line. The uca can be anywhere from 9.6 to 9.2 based on what camber curve you want, basicly adjustable to your liking and appilcation. I have made my uca on the long side at ths time, so I can cut a little off if needed. I hae made them ron morris or streetortrack style, take your pick, same idea. Offset is something I would like to play with different uca shaft alignment holes. In another word I have made 3 different offsets, 1/8, 1/4 and 3/8. I made my uca wide enought not to have hit he inside of shock towers. No shelby drop holes have been drilled because I would just like to drill once, most likely 1" because of street use. I don't need lower angles or steep camber curve because of street use not track use.

    Lca angle is not the biggest issue as length is. I think a mock up of car ride height would serve me better if I tack weld my lowers. A base line 5 degrees for ball joint would be good place to start.

    I lack the computer skills to run the suspension program but mostly due to the fact I have the engine in the car. I can't get measurements of pick pionts. I am looking for an easier answer! Would any body like to share the measurements of the lca lengths for coilovers set, tcp, sort etc? If you know the lower ball joint angle that would be great as well.
  7. I would like to help but mine are already bolted in the car.