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  1. I currently have a 98 Cobra with only 50,000 miles, bone stock and very clean. I really like the 05 GT, looks great and reminds me of my pre-teen days dreaming of the early 70s Mach1s. I've considered trading the Cobra since I first saw the 05, but I am somewhat disappointed with the 05's performance numbers. 300hp? My 98 has 305. The newer Machs have 305, I don't understand their thinking in using a 3 valve head instead of the 4v. So, now I wonder do I really want to trade in my baby for what seems like a slight step down in performance. But man, the 05 really looks good.........
  2. Dude,

    If your worried about a measly 5 horsepower you might as well keep the Cobra. I mean come on man, you can get an extra 5 horse power out of the new stang with probably just a cold air intake.

    Unless keeping a car completely stock is your thing. But I still don't see 5 less horse power as a "step down" in performance. You'll be getting a brand spanking new car with 5 less horse power than your car has now with the kick a ss looks of a classic.

    Have you seen the "out of the box" estimated performance numbers?

    0-60 5.2 and the 1/4 in like 13.9 and I think it will do better than that once someone actually get their hands on it. IMO those numbers tell me that this car isn't going to be a slouch, it's gonna roll hard dude.

    I know how you must feel about your car. I just sold my Chrysler Conquest and that was a hard thing to do. But that new Stang is calling my name and I can't see having two fast cars on the insurance so I'm going to get a truck as my daily driver and "SOOP" up the new Stang for nice weather :D

    If I were you brother I would not be having a hard decision to make. I would be driving my 98 Cobra to the dealer and trading it in on a 2005.

    Good luck with your decision :nice:
  3. It's not so much the difference between the 300 vs. the 305 hp, but this vehicle is built 6 years after mine and all the work to make it a beautiful vehicle and they couldn't give it a little more balls? I mean eveyone is coming out with high hp vehicles now, even Dodge with a 500hp truck! To be Ford's top production Sports car, I figured they'd go a little bigger in the performance area. Besides, my Cobra is sweet! :D Still, I'm a sucker and will probably get the 05. maybe wait til 06 for the Cobra.... Any one see a converable yet?
  4. I gotta say this is starting to irritate me. On the street, there really is NO need for more then 300hp. The majority of buyers will only use the 05 on the street. 300hp is ballsy enough for anyone. Especially considering the tires and suspension will put it to the ground efficently. How can your cobra be so sweet if it "only" had 305hp? Do you really want 200,000 people driving around with 500hp beasts???
  5. Well it's nice that you want to dictate what hp everyone else needs. :rolleyes: The Cobra is sweet because there were only about 750 made like mine, it's unique and in it's time (1998), 305hp was near the top for production cars, but for 2005, 300hp is not near the top. As far as 200,000 people driving around in 500hp beast, they already can, so why not in a Ford Beast? :D
  6. Ok there are a few small flaws in your thinking. In 96-98 305 may have been near the top of the scale. But it's also a Cobra. The gt is not and never really has been top dog in hp numbers. And what cars are you basing this not in the top idea. The 500 hp truck you refer to. Is a specialty vehicle. It is not main production. It is more like SVT. Now as for the 305 vs 300 hp. The gt is doing this on regular unleaded. The Cobra uses premium (Which is part of the reason I am buying an 05). So driving the car is less expensive. Now as for the collectibility of the car. If that is your many deciding factor. Then you should keep the cobra. But That's only if you plan on keeping it for a very long time. Even low mile 96-98 Cobras aren't commanding very much money right now.
  7. My point is a mass produced car only needs so much HP. It will be plenty fun for a stocker. For the guys that want more there are always mods. Or better yet a NEW COBRA that will be like your car was to the current stang. The high horsepower cars cost a lot more then the GT will which limits the amount of people who can buy them. Thats a a good thing. I am sure you are no stranger to the crappy way people drive in 120hp honda's! Imagine the roads if that same fool drove a 500hp mustang.
  8. Good point about the truck, but there is also the GTO, and that other Chevy, Evolution or something. I just figured the GT would have bumped it up some more.
    So, are you going to trade in your Cobra? Again, I love the look of the new Stang, but was only hoping for a little more hp. I hope my trade in value is a little better since I've kept it stock (except for the Cobra R wheels).
    Has anyone seen a convertible version?

  9. Yes there are convertable pics with the top up around. The gto is 350hp but at 3800lbs and $10k more. The numbers should at least be even for the gto and GT. What other Chevy are you sepaking of? Do you mean the Mitsu Evoloution?
  10. Actually I guess it's the SSR, but that thing is $40,000+! I've read that the 06 GTO will have 400hp...
  11. The current GTO could have 400 + HP with less then $1500 in mods. But again, thats a limited production car. The ssr is a pig that with do 0 to 60 in over 7 seconds. Its less appealing then Chryslers prowler was. I can't see it lasting very long.
  12. I would also look at the handling aspect, i think the new Gt will probably outhandle your 98 pretty easily, the IRS was poorly designed and that older chassis wont stand a chance in comparison to the new chassis. I bet if both cars were put on the track the new mustang would have a slight edge due to the better handling.

  13. I completely agree. And, like someone else said, you can easily get another 5 horsepower with a cold air intake. Then, you have the same HP as the 98 Cobra and a much better platform as well. I bet, by 2006, the mod possibilities will be virtually limitless. Remember, the aftermarket auto parts industry is a billion dollar a year business.
  14. Good point about the handling except my 98 doesn't have IRS, that came out in 99. :) :D
  15. If you do decide to get an '05 GT, I would be interested in a 98 Cobra, especially yours since you say it's kept up very nicely.
    I know this is :OT: , sorry.
  16. I'll keep you in mind if I decide to go that route.

    BTW, I'm in Texas.
  17. No I will not be trading in my 97. When I went to look at an 03 the dealer was trying to low ball me at $7k for trade in. I know I can do far better than that private sale. And yes the GTO does have more HP. But once again look at the price. MSRP of $31k. And I am not going to bother discussing what people can get them for. We all know that with enough skill car prices can some down. And the SSR $41k MSRP. I certainly hope for the extra money both cars would have more than a gt. Since they are considerably closer to Cobra range. I've also heard that the torque #s were just upped to 320. Which is 20 more than our Cobra's came with.
  18. So, your going to have the 66, 97, and 05? I want your garage. :)
  19. Very well said. 300hp is plenty of power on the streets. Its affordable power. Look at the prices of those 500hp cars. They dont go for under 30k. If a mustnag had 500hp, it would be like 50k, sounds nice but cant reach that high.
  20. First gun control, now car control. What will they think of next? :uzi: