Tuff Decision....

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  1. 98 cobra Car payed off ?

    If so don't think about trading it in... Sell it out right !

    A dealer will rip you off :(

    The HP will be there- , 98 cobra Should sound better then a 4.6 -2v- 3v
    just get exhaust and other bolt-on and it will be faster then your cobra-4v
  2. This is a DUMB thread.

    First of all, tuff is a porous rock, usually formed from volcanic ash. What this type of rock has to do with how much HP the 05 Mustang has is beyond me. :shrug:

    Second, you're comparing the top of the line 98 Cobra to the mainstream 05 Mustang GT. The 98 GT had 225 HP, so the equivalent model 05 has 75 HP more, plus it will have MUCH better low RPM torque band due to the VCT and dual stage intake manifold.

    Quit whining and buy an 07 Mustang Cobra (or whatever they call it). I'm sure it will have 400+ HP, so you will be able to spend lots of $$ on $3 / gal premium when you get it.
  3. Nah the 97 is likely to be gone. Unless it becomes the donor for the 66 driveline swap. I'm starting to like the idea of modular power in the 66. With no emissions restrictions. :nice: That and the 97 will look slightly out of place with the other 2 cars. Then in the spring my brother's vert will be joining the group. He wants the vert, not sure why though.
  4. Why not wait til you can drive an 05? I have a feeling that will make it an easier decision.
  5. Between the 3.55:1 final gear, a predicted flatter torque curve (a benefit of the 3V heads with VCT), and a curb weight just 40lbs heavier than the current Mach 1, the '05 should be a performance match for your Cobra. Having previously owned a '96, I safely predict the 'seat-of-the-pants" feel will be stronger on the new model.

    I am banking on Ford underrating the 3V engine, just as they did with the Mach 1, to produce a car that will be stout around town.
  6. Do your self a favor and pick up an 04 Mach....you can get a REALLY good deal (rebates).....The car just flat out KICKS ass!

    I just picked up mine today (screaming Yellow)

    Not having conversed with anybody on these forums you can still say that the manufacturers HP #'s are DEFINATELY underated....The Mach 1 is a SICK SICK ride ...

    IMO an 04 Mach will probably take an 05 GT and use it as toiletpaper!

    If you can find 1 do yourself the favor.....you will NOT be dissapointed!

    You can bet on that!

    I can go on and on and on about this car all day long..BEST stang i ever had...makes the base GT feel like a V6

    Whatever you do choose to do good luck...

    A word to all my fellow Mach owners..."They just dont understand"

  7. You are a dumba**, thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to listen to you. I know it's tough english teacher, but if I want to use tuff that's what I'll do.... :rolleyes:
  8. I'm glad your happy with your Mach, but it has no more power then my Cobra, same engine setup, 305hp. Besides, only reason I'm considering trading the Cobra for the 05 is because I love the look of the 05, the 04's looks do nothing for me really.
  9. JnJ,

    Ratings can be deceiving - many Mach 1 owners have checked their cars on the dyno and have averaged something like 320hp and 340ft-lb of torque at the flywheel. From what I've read, the 98 Cobra probably came the closest to exceeding the rated 305 hp.

    From my seat-of-the-pants experience, the Mach 1 pulls harder than my '96 Cobra did. The 3.55:1 final gear ratio and midrange torque helps. Admittedly, '96 was supposed to be the year where the power output was less than the '97 or '98s.

    Based on what we've heard, the new GT should be comparable to the current Mach 1. I've had the fortune to talk with various engineers at the MCA 40th who would confirm they wanted this car to be competitive in acceleration at the GT level.

    It's a good thing that we can talk about engines being underrated! Good luck in your decision.