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  1. these are my mods
    World's Windsor Jr Heads, e303 Cam, Polished cobra intake, bbk 70mm tb, bbk cai, bbk headers, bbk offroad h pipe, flowies, steeda tri-ax, kirban afpr

    now i had a tweecer but sold it to go traveling plus it was way too much for me to handle. right now would i benifit from a trip to a dyno just adjusting the fuel pressure and timing?

    how do the chips work, do i get a blank chip then burn it at my local dyno shop? im not sure how these chips work...obviously i have to go with what ever products they deal with?

  2. Chips work the same way your tweecer worked.

    A modified tune is loaded to the chip/module.
    The chip/module is then loaded to the J3 port.
    Anything plugged into the J3 port over-rides the factory settings.

    Save your money for now.
    You can play with the AFPR and timing just as well as a dyno shop.
    It may take you a couple more attempts before you have something you're happy with.

  3. its just hard to tell without a dyno plus i cant see my A/F ratio at home.
  4. AEM widebands are now 299.95 from summit
  5. too much for me right now just got back from a 11 month trip and are started school today...cant my local dyno get my AF ratio or no?
  6. The LC-1 can be found for $199

    The local dyno can view what your afr is, that isn't the issue.

    The problem is that changing the afr away from stoich for more power, will have no affect in the long run.
    The car may make impressive dyno numbers, but after it is driven for a while the ecu will start pushing the afr back toward stoich.

    The Adaptive Strategy will work against tuning with fuel pressure.

    It is best just to set the AFPR to stockish, and make small adjustments from there.
    You don't have to tune the afr dead on using fuel pressure. You just have to get within the range of the Adaptive Strategies ability to correct.
    Obviously, you don't need a dyno to fine tune the ignition advance...

    Save the $ for something that will have a lasting benefit.

    But, that's just my opinion...