Tune On Maf Converted Stang

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  1. Hi wondering if I can get my 87 converted to maf. It's got trick flow hci and an a9p. What should I do about a tune
  2. Get some 24 LB injectors, a Pro-M 75 mm MAF to match the injectors, a 65 MM throttle body and a 155 LPH fuel pump. That will eat up most of your tune money, but the computer is very capable of taking care of what needs to be done without a custom dyno tune.
  3. You are already running an A9P ECM?
    Or that is what you have for the conversion?
    If you already have that ECM, then the pigtail harness and MAF should be all you need to convert.
    Like jrichker said, if you have the correct MAF for the injectors you want to use, you should be fine, at least until such time as you want a tune in order to squeeze every last bit out of it.

    What tranny?

  4. Yes I already have all that stuff jrichker. It's got the a9p and the maf conversion installed. It was all just built but had a stock 110 fuel pump that just went after the hci install. I'm getting a 190 fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator this Friday. So after the new fuel pump is in the computer should be able to handle most of the tuning on its own then? And it's got a t5.
  5. So you have the auto computer and a manual trans?
    I could have swore I read somewhere that doing this messed up something with the 02 harnesses.
    And to your last question, it'll be able to handle the mods you have. There's been people that have had more radical set ups and use the factory computer. While it's not 100% perfect, it'll be good enough for street duty
  6. Should I just get an a9l
  7. Has anyone run the a9p with no problems?
  8. I have, it does work, and I did not notice any problems.

    The computers will interchange OK, the O2 wiring sensor harnesses won't.
    Here's why...

    O2 Sensor harness interchange and modification

    Originally Posted by 302EFI

    Revised 16-Oct-2011 to add O2 sensor harness warnings
    The wires for the 02's and low oil did not change throughout the years, they are all in the same place.
    The main ones you need to worry about are (on the harness end (ECU) that plugs into the 02 plug) is:
    \- 1. Lightblue / yellow
    - 2. White / Purple
    - 3. Purple / Yellow
    The White/Purple & Purple/Yellow gets looped for a automatic ECU
    The Purple/Yellow & Lightblue/Yellow for a manual ECU

    See http://forums.corral.net/forums/gen...manual-auto-differences-year-differences.html for more O2 sensor wiring harness info

    Basic premise to use with transmission swaps:
    Only run a 5 speed trans O2 harness with an A9L. Do not run an Auto O2 sensor harness with an A9L. Doing so will damage the computer’s internal signal ground.
    Only run an Auto trans O2 sensor harness with an A9P in a car that has an Auto trans. Using a 5 speed trans O2 sensor harness with an Auto trans will cause no crank problems.
    See http://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/749974-computer-issue.html#post7490537 for Joel5.0’s fix to the computer internal signal ground.

    90 model year harness only works with 90 model cars without inspection/rework.
    The 4 cylinder O2 harness uses 4 wire O2 sensors. It probably won’t work correctly without modifying it.
  9. So do I have to modify my o2 harness?
  10. I ran one for 3 years in my old car.. No issues
  11. Cool thanks all
  12. Do you have a mismatch on the O2 sensor harness?

    Recopmmended configuration:
    Auto harness on auto trans.
    5 speed harness on a 5 speed trans
  13. A9p t5 swap with auto harness with the Clutch pedal switch hooked up correctly , no issues

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  14. I didn't change anything on the o2 harnesses.
  15. I am running a 5 speed transmission.
    My A9P didn't require any modifcations to the O2 sensor harness.