Tune up checklist?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Hawaii-50, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. What's up all-

    I will be changing the plugs soon and was wondering what you all do for a tune up. The most I have done is new cap/rotor, wires, plugs, clean the K&N, and checked the timing. I use Autolite coppers-anyone use anything better, and what is meant by "heat range". I may go ahead and change the oil and flush the radiator. Anything else I missed? I'd like to know of everything you would do to make her run the best.

    Hawaii-50 :flag:
  2. Plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor, pcv valve, fuel filter, change oil, flush coolant if you want, change and/or check all fluids, clean your k&n, and anything else to check to make sure everything is running properly. Check your timing, fuel pressure and what not if you want to make sure everything is set right. Should run like new after all of this.
  3. heat range refers to the operating temp of the plug. for a given size of plug there will be several heat ranges. FWIW when running nitrous people often go a couple heat ranges cooler to prevent melting the plug or detonation.

  4. Sea Foam or similar product? :shrug:

  5. Good summary...I know www.downsford.com sells a tune up kit for around $80 bucks with ford 9mm wires, plugs, pcv valve, fuel filter, cap and rotor...

  6. as far as brand preference, I run NGK v-powers (stock #6945). Only reason is because my stepdad ran them in his drag cars so I know they're good. :nice:
  7. Where is this tune-up kit? I looked on their website and I couldn't find it!
  8. don't forget fuel filter. i see in your sig. that you have 195,000 miles on it. do you remeber when the last you changed your fuel filter? it's overlooked most of the times. oh and your coil, might want to go crame of msd. and get a little umf from it.

    opps i just notice that the kit has a new fuel filter in it. :doh:
  9. Another don't forget is to clean injectors and TB and PCV screan!!