1. What does everybody use for a tune up? Plugs wires dist cap and rotors.....what should I buy? And also what kind of oil does every body use?
  2. Autolite #25's
    Ford Racing wires
    Brass terminal cap and rotor
    Mobil 1 Synthetic. This stuff made a 130,000 mile engine look like new in 15,000 miles with regular oil changes.
    K&N oil filter

    Stay away from the splitfire plugs and all the other gimmicks. Nasacar uses Autolites.
  3. I run the Autolite plugs like everyone else. Pass on the Motorsport wires, they leak like a siv. They are good for making your kids hair stand up, but that's about it. I run the Accel cap and rotor. It has brass connectors and the plastic is thicker than most competitors.

    Synthetic oil is always a great way to go. It's always a good deal at Walmart. The Purlolator Pure One actually out filters the K&N. If they were the same price I would say it's just an oil filter, but K&N is way to proud of their stuff.

  4. Thanks guys should I run 8.5 wires or 8? Thanks for the oil sugestions I have no idea what's in there now and I wanted to go synthetic so you guys helped a lot! So I guess ill get autolite #25 with some decent wires anybody know what autozone or advance auto carry wires and plug wise
  5. 8mm is fine. I've been running the Accel 300+ wires. You can order them through Advance, probably Autozone as well.

  6. Ok perfect thanks kurt!
  7. I need cheaper wires right now I need something just for now yaknow I saw accel wires for 50 $ are they good enough and what about me running on an MSD cap and rotor? What about MSD wirws too any good? And if I get the msd cap and rotor do I have to run msd wires?

    Sorry for spelling and all other crap I'm on my phone so its hard to type lol
  8. The set up I was thinking about was accel wires autolit double platinum plugs And msd cap a d rotor...it comes out to eoughly 150 $...would that be good enough untill I I can save up more money to do a better tune up...how do you tune the car too do I have to take it to a mechanic?
  9. Just use the regular #25 plugs. There is no advantage to using the platinum or double electrode plugs. They have dyno tested to prove it years ago.

    I have never had any bleeding with Ford Racing wires. Pull them off with the car running all the time. I also like the Taylor stuff. And it used to be a bit cheaper. Spiro Pro's were good wires.
  10. If you need cheap wires, just get the over counter whatever ones for the time being. MSD cap and rotors are fine. The MSD wires suffer from the same problems the Motorsport ones do. They are probably made by the same company. We had a guy on here probably a year or two ago have the same problem with the Motorsport ones again. Open the hood at night, and they put on a little light show for you. I just usually steer clear of MSD stuff. Platinum plugs repel oil and fuel fouling better. For performance there is no difference. I'd just go with the cheaper standard copper plugs.

  11. Advanced auto $40 off $100... promo code is dow27.

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  12. Will that promo code work in the store or just online? Thanks chaos254 that actually helps a lot cuz I can get the accel 300+ wires within my budget! Tjats awesome I hope the code works!
  13. Hopefully you got what you needed. I used it online but picked up in the store.

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