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  1. Did anyone with a V6 05 tune there car with an Xcalibrator? Plus, do mods really matter if you don't tune the car for them?
  2. Anything on the intake side needs to be tuned because the computer needs to be adjusted for the more airflow.

    The exhuast side is debatable, but i think unless you have a lot of power (forced induction) you wouldnt need to do any tuning due to exhaust, but im sure it would help.
  3. So exhaust is debatable, but lets say you just get a CAI you would need a tune? Cause what I'm thinking lets say you gain 5 horse from a CAI, now if you get a tune won't you gain more from the CAI? Another question is on a T-lok, will the the computer need to be flashed for this?
  4. T-lok no

    CAI will need a retune to run correctly and to get the most gain from it. You can just bolt one up there, but dont expect more than 5-8hp from it. With a tune you can probably squeeze 20+.
  5. with changing the exhaust I think you can just unplug the battery for a couple of minutes. then the computer re-learns the new exhaust.
    Please if I am wrong correct me.
  6. I never unpluged mine when i put on my gt muffler, think i should?
  7. if you are happy with the way your Mustang drives then I wouldnt, but Idont think it can hurt.