1. Hey guys i have a question about my Stang..i have a 95 gt that i started fixing up and i wanted to sell it but after spending about 8k i rather just keep it cause i wont get that back if i sell it.. so yeah here goes, i put a BBK CAI, BBK 70mm TB, BBK shorty ceramic headers, BBK aluminum Pullies, Removed Smog pump, installed E303 Cam, installed 3.73 FR Gears, new Bilstein Suspension, new rims and tires, rebuiltn tranny and installed Shift Kit that American Muscle sales, also bought SCT Chip with tunes...so i guess the question is would it be good enough to drive on just the chip itself or would it be better to take it to get tuned by a shop? when i entered info about the engine for the tune it didn't ask for CAM and a few minor things and just wasnt sure if that is something that should definitely be on there. I plan on throwing some heads and Edelbrock Intake once i return from deployment but just trying to get some input on it before i do get those things.

  2. Tune by a shop a-kazzilion times better, safer and on down the line.
  3. Also have another question.. The back driver side lugs are pretty rusted and can't get 2 of the bolts on so it only has 3 holding rim in and i was wondering if there was a easy way of getting them replaced with new ones? Friend told me he had to change each one and it was a pain in the ass so was wondering if any of ya'll had to deal with this at one time? The car was sitting for over a year when i got it and thats why its so rusted, i mean bad!!! I had to replace Radiator, Waterpump, Thermostat Housing because of rust the guy said he didn't believe in Anitfreeze!!! I got the pressure washer and so much rust was coming out from the inside for about 10 minutes...needless to say once i changed whole fuel system and cooling system it ran like a beast compared to it not running when i towed it home. So yeah long story short i need to replace those lugs cause thats the last thing i need to fix before i can actually step on it!!!
  4. Get some wd40 a little heat around the axle not on the lugs and a dead blow mallet and beat it through. When installing the new lugs get a stack of washers and a nut for the stud and use an impact to draw it up into the axle you may also need a regular ratchet wrench if or when the impact kicks out on you. Just make sure the stud gets fully seated.
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