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  1. Running 360-400 hp 306 , runs good but should I get a tune or chip for the al9 ?
  2. There's no substitute for a good custom tune... but it gets complicated since the EEC4s can't be flashed like the new cars. I've used an AFM PMS in the past, and that was a suitable option. Many people upgrade to a standalone like FAST or Holley when they want to tune a Fox.
  3. So much information is missing from the original post. Mods? street, track? what makes you think you need a tune?
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  4. Has it been on the dyno already? If so, does it have 360 hp or 400 hp. 40 hp is a pretty big difference. I presume you have forced induction of some kind.
  5. If you think it runs good then rock and roll.

    If you want it to run better, find a reputable tuner and have them burn a custom chip for it. (not mail order)

  6. ^^^ this ^^^
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  7. Ya runs good, but not sure if getting a chip or tune will give me noticeable difference?
    Was on a engine dyno. Added few parts afterward
    Noticed it doesn't let me rev past 6200
  8. could be a lot of things from the cam to fuel to timing. You need to post more of your setup. Where does peak hp and tq occur?
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  9. The stock EEC doesn't let it rev past 6200 I heard, acts as a rev limiter ?
    Just wondering how much power can the stock EEC handle till it has to be upgraded or if it even has to?
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  10. Mods
    306 Refinished stock bottom end with girdle
    Scat rods prob pistons afr 165 heads 1.6 rr cobra intake 65 mm tb 70mm mass 24lb inj 255 fp
    Mac headers flow master exh no cats 373 gears

    Was on engine Dyno when built with carb and stock 87 headers made 362 hp 358 tq
  11. Went to the strip Friday was running 13.1 with no traction off the line. And had mt street slicks
    Where should I go from here what would be my weakest link?
    I'm thinking 410 gears ? And is the cobra intake restricting flow?
  12. That's a pretty mild combo that I doubt is laying more than 300 to the wheels. What cam are you running? With that combo your ecu should have no problems running things. Don't waste on a tune.
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  13. Most of these setups don't need more than 6200rpm.
    You say you need to go past 6200rpm, yet have a cobra intake. My guess would be you really don't need to go past 6200.

    Your mph along with your ET and 60ft will help determine if it's the car or you that is the problem.

    Intakes aren't responsible for a missing 1-.5 seconds.
    Maybe .2 at best with a 306 with another intake.

    You don't need 4.10's or 4.33's.
    3.73's are fine for most street cars.
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  14. Comp cam fw 276h-r14.
    At the end of the 1/4 I'm in 4th at 5000rpm with 373.
    What gears can I go to 410 433?
  15. Rt - .411
    60 - 1.956
    330 - 6.062
    1/8 - 8.375
    Mph - 84.87
    1000 - 10.88
    1/4. - 13.011
    Mph. - 106.34
  16. Could not hook up in 1st. Track was horrible
    And was my first time at the track.. So ya I'm big part of the problem :p
  17. Your 60ft time isn't that great for using ET streets.
    106mph is a little low too.

    I'd guess your issues have more to do with driving and practice and your setup. Rarely does anyone pull their best run on their one and only try.

    If you can't hook up now with 3.73's, it only gets worse with 4.10s.

  18. I agree. Work on your driving skills. Sounds like you are spinning through the 60ft. A deeper gear will onlly make it worse.

    Couple of questions

    What is the air pressure in the tires
    how much of a burnout are you doing
    what rpm are you launching at
  20. 20lbs launching around 5000
    And spinning through 1st and a bit in second
    But everyone was complaining on the track .. No one was hooking