Tuned KB - New #'s!!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Dig-It, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. very, very nice, amazing numbers :nice:
  2. who's nuts?
  3. The doubters, I guess. I love that freakin torque curve.
  4. Did I miss something? Where the hell does it curve? :shrug: :D :hail2:
  5. Holy smokes dude. :hail2:
    Congratulations. You have to be thrilled.
    I think you might have set some sort of record on torque from a 9 psi supercharged stock 2v.
    I "only" get 400 rwhp and 410 rwtq with a very conservative Kenne Bell tune. Which is very good considering it is tuned for 91 octane and they have my timing backed off 3 degress from their other tunes.
  6. Thanks DeadLurker.
  7. np :)
  8. Is that detonation on the KB tune in the upper RPMs? Graph has a lot of spikes to it and that's the 2nd KB tune that I've seen do that.
    But your tuned numbers are very impressive!! Nice setup!
  9. Good Question

  10. Like...really?

    :jester: :D

    Awsome 3's though. hopefully santa will bring me a new K/B. :rolleyes: :shrug:
  11. Anyone want to loan me $5000 for one of these! :shrug:
  12. i have low rates, pm me :D
  13. :hail2: Awesome numbers. Are you on the stock internals on your engine.
  14. Anyone want to put wagers on how long that stock bottom end will last with those kind of numbers?
  15. Nope, not detonation. It was a problem with the dyno. Dyno Dynamics dynos can give those readings at 112 mph because a circuit card vibration (or something like that). Anyway, DTP had their dyno fixed in between my first run in September and now.
  16. Great #'s, hopefully like it was asked before you are not still running stock internals. The guys over at DTP are really cool, they wanted to do a custom tune and a pulley on my car when I brought it in. Just waiting until spring :lol:
  17. We'll see how long the stock stuff lasts and then I'll build up a engine when needed (all part of the risks of getting a blower).

    The tunes pretty safe so I bet that it'll last a while, but I'm sure that at some point I'll be buiding another engine.
  18. Great numbers. Congrats. Start saving for that forged bottom end.

  19. Great numbers dig-it! People ask me all the time what, if anything, do I miss not being in the states... this is it. Running down to a dyno on a weekend. Good job.