Tuned KB - New #'s!!!

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  1. Throw in some cams. :rlaugh:
  2. Nice numbers! Do you have an intercooler?
  3. seems like with all the torque and hp these kb superchargers put out, there is going to be an awfull lot of blown clutches, trannies and rears :shrug: :shrug:
  4. AWESOME numbers!!! I guess with all the Stangnet guys with KB blowers all pushing 400hp and 400tq we will find out how long the 4.6 will last with this kind of power though I personally have put almost 7000 miles on mine so far though I haven't run at the track yet and I have stock size tires. but I am ready to rebuild but will try to put it off for as long as possible. Becuase after the rebuild I'll be going for at least 500hp with the a final goal of as close to 600 I can get. And that will take more money than I have saved for now.
  5. Congratulations, those are some sweet numbers! :nice:
  6. Man those are awesome numbers!! Did KB have any problems with you burning your own chip and not using theirs? And do you still retain full diagnostic capabilities at Ford?
  7. Hey guys: My question is based on different responses that I've read about supercharging.

    Will the stock crank hold that kind of power? I have read that its the revs that will break the stock crank. I know that the pistons and rods may eventually break but everone seems to mention that a safe tune is the answer.

    With no detonation, will the internals break or is it simply a result of a bad tune or is there an obvious hp/tq limit to these internals?

    Just a question, NO Flaming please.
  8. Great numbers!

    I had my beast in at the Ford dealer for 4 hours to have them run as many diagnostics as they could run. The dealer sells Cobras, Lightnings, and Saleens. They know about blowers and such so I thought that it would be a good place to bring it. Most dealers would not even open the hood of a blown car. I had some issues with the car when it was new that never got resolved, so I wanted to be sure that there were no Ford related problems before I pursued other avenues.

    After 4 hours, they could not find anything Ford related that would cause my "hitching" problem while cruising and the detonation at low outside temperatures. EVERYTHING checked out fine. The mechanic did notice a slight anomaly, however. All of the Ford testing equipment showed no problems, but the Snap-On diagnostic tool would show an occasional miss. Sometimes it would be cylinder #1, then it would be #5&6, etc. He said he never saw that type of thing happen before (difference between his testing equipment). They ran a balance compression test and that checked out fine as well. The mechanic said it was still possible that there could be an ignition problem, but he could not pinpoint anything.

    He also said the detonation is definately WAAAAAY too bad! He was very concerned with that. I know what makes it detonate, so I keep out of it. But when it is cold, there are getting to be too many places that it will detonate. The mechanic also reflashed the computer (had to remove chip first). The dealer was very good to me and I felt good that I have found a place that I can take my car when it needs work.

    I called Kenne Bell last week about this issue and they said that they would talk it over amoungst themselves and call me back. So far, no call. I think they are stumped.

    After seeing this post, I am inclined to find a tuner to see if they can figure out what the problem is. I will still be calling KB to see if they will help me. I did my part in replacing every component I can think of and for bringing the car to a good Ford dealer for 4 hours. Now they need to pony-up to help me with their product. The car should not run this way. It is good to see the good numbers and the good running of the other KB'd cars here. It gives me hope that mine will be fixable.

    Oh, the mechanic also said that even thought the coil stress tests showed all good coils, that one or some could still be marginal. He said that I might want to try replacing the COPs with some aftermarket ones. Does anybody know any good brands to get?

    The mechanic also checked the plugs and said that the car was running too lean. Because the KB chip controls that, he can't do anything about that. The tips where white.

    With all of that said, do you other KB guys get ANY detonation or any hitching at all? The hitching occurs while cruising at between 30 and 50 MPH. The detonation occurs mostly when the outside temp is lower than 55 degrees. Removing the EGR vacuum hose seems to stop the hitching. All EGR components have been replaced.

    The KB blower is a good product, but KB needs to step forward to help those of us that do not live in the tropics. Whenever I call them and they say they will call back, they never do. I don't know if they are just plain stumped or if they don't really care to call back. I have resisted going to a tuner because of the expense. It will cost me $600 to have it done at Kennedy's. That may be my only option if I can't get this resolved.

    I would like to point out that KB said that nobody else could tune a KB blower better than themselves. That does not look to be true anymore after seeing these numbers. I am impressed with that tune.
  9. I'm getting the predator now but i will eventually get blown so will i need a chip or can i keep the predator and use that?
  10. watch for smoke out your tail pipes as the first sign the the ringlands on a piston have blown off... but, for now, AWESOME! Enjoy your powerhouse...
  11. DIG IT---I would love to see your setup sometime....i'm good friends with Frank and Brent at Dyno tune and i live right around the corner from them !!!

    pm me sometime !!
  12. Stock crank should be fine. Even with a good tune the crappy rods will probably give out first. I think he's pushing the limit of a stock bottom end right now.
  13. good to see some locals. i live in the beach myself and have known frank for a ehile, real good people. your setup looks sweet. maybe one day i will have one myself.
  14. Very nice numbers Dig-it. :nice:

    BTW where in portsmouth do you live?
    (I live off portsmouth blvd & Mohican)
  15. I think all of us in the Hampton Rds area should get KB blowers....now can anybody lend me a couple bucks?
  16. I think all of us in the Hampton Rds area should get KB blowers....now can anybody lend me a couple bucks?
  17. Email Me Personally

    Hey Red Dragon.

    Send me an email at [email protected]. I can't send you a pm because your alotted disk space is full. I have a lot to discuss with you that may help you.


  18. I just saw my first 2 valve Kenne Bell blower live and in person today and it looks pretty nice.

    Tim(Cobra Killer) has a forged, stroked out, 4.6L car that is getting a KB twin screw put on this week(dyno numbers will probably be in 2 weeks with the holidays) so we should see pretty soon what the KB can really do. The car also has full exhaust(LT's, aftermarket mid pipe and catback(didn't look too closely)) and all the goodies offered by KB. Should be interesting.
  19. Very cool. I am very curious to see if any real gains can be had with that kind of combo and the KB. BTW KB is only a few months away from releasing the 2.2L for the 4.6 2v (race only apps). Sounds like that setup would be a perfect candidate.

    I just got my JBA shorties back from the coaters today (titanium ceramic coated) and I have a Dr. Gas O/R X that I bought from Tim a while back ready to go in. I will be dynoing before and afterwards to see what happens. But the body shop comes first so it will be a few months before I will be able to report my findings.
  20. Sorry to hear about the track mishap. That just sucks....

    Your car should really pick up some torque and hp with those new additions. I bet we have a new KB 9lb torque king after you get it all back together.

    On the car Tim's working on, I believe(not 100% sure) he's going to try to push 20lbs of boost. I'll try to find out from Tim exactly what this guys goals are....