Tuner '05 Concept Kit

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  1. I was thinking that a Tuner kit or Saleen/Steeda turn-key type Mustang that takes an '05 body and makes it look like the Concept Mustang (silver one everyone seemed to love) would probably do pretty well with people looking for a unique but still pure Mustang ride.

    Not all of the concept features may be practical, but the glass roof and trick exterior cues would be something that would actually have a Ford lineage and not some Ricer's idea of how to make a 'stang look more like their cars. Some of the Stalker and other kits scream rice to me... ...just a thought.

  2. Possible.
  3. From what I've heard the concept had a lower roof. And a shorter length ( since it was a 2 seater).Which would be an expensive proposition to recreate. The hood and scoops would be cheap bolt ons. But the body mods might make it moreexpensive then those same people want to pay.
  4. Yea, but my neighbor has two Ferrari Modenas. He could not decide between deep blue or Ferrari Red. This patient of mine (Dentistry) has a paid in full order to Ford for a GT (125+ grand GT not the Mustang.) My 17 year old neighbor has a 98 Cobra made into a 2000 clone and complains about his old car and how everyone around town has a regular Cobra and wants to find something unique.

    The market for the rare and cool is definitely there if someone where to build a tuner with concept features.
  5. I agree the market for rare and cool cars is there. But at the high prices they start at. Most people wouldn't neccessrily be looking at mustangs. For instance I'm not sure a person with 2 ferrari's is going to start looking at mustangs. Not that they won't but the odds are just a little longer.
  6. The Ford GT's haven't gone on sale yet. You may want to tell your neighbor he is full of crap. Ford hasn't even released the MSRP on the car.
  7. Actually they have released the prices. I believe it was $139k. But I don't remember the exact figure.
  8. So your neighbor made a 98 Cobra look like a 2000 Cobra R?

    I dunno bout that, must look very ricey in my book.

    If it was a RIO RED 99 Cobra, then Props to him.
  9. Husker,

    Nearly everyone who orders a specialty car gives a huge deposit or paid in full deposit to guarantee color, delivery and availability, sometimes six months to a year before they are released for retail sale. Do you think the Ford Brass that lives in my community does not demand the same treatment with getting the GT a little early and not having to go to the dealership at all? The difference from 125K deposit and the final price they have in their pockets, let alone accounts.

    When you read about the special edition Mercedes AMG's and untra rare Lambo 2000 horsepower signed editions etc..., the articles nearly always mention that the entire U.S. allotment has been sold. Well no one has titles to those cars yet, but with a high dollar limited car, dealers and manufacturers are more than happy to take full payment or atticipated full payment in leiu of not losing a high end sale. The mystique of owning a car that the general public may not be able to buy even if they have the money is VERY appealing to the ultra rich people I know. They love the fact that with their contacts they can have what you cannot even if your bank account is as large. Bling Bling for the real rich is POWER over the masses, not chrome wheels and sound systems. I hate it as much as any working guy, but these ass$%^&@ around me love driving what you have to pay admission just to see.

    The 98 turned 2000 is black and the kid is a major pain. He even got hold of real 2000 wheels off a road racer that thrashed his real 2000. Ouch!

    Have a nice Holiday everyone!